I NEVER Thought I’d Say This About Tempeh

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  1. you’re allowed to not like a food!! im not fan of spring rolls, and it doesn’t mean im attacking a culture, it just means you don’t like that food. food preferences are completely fine to have.

  2. You're allowed to dislike food. My hatred of apple pie is not an attack on America, he country I was born in and live in. I just don't like the texture of cooked fruit and I am not a fan of pie crust. This idea that disliking a single food ite. is somehow an act of hate is a little ridiculous.

  3. Yes, she's allowed to dislike things. But it's also true that blanked disliking a food from another culture (or lifestyle – cue meat eaters and their bland veggies) without eating it the way it was meant to be eaten and jumping to conclusions is also problematic

  4. I really likes how you approached this. We can’t like everything, but you listened to suggestions and tried something else with it. That looked so good btw. I always like tempeh best when it’s fried up, it gets so crispy 🤤

  5. What mistake though? Being disgusted by the texture or taste or something? That's all natural and unavoidable. The concept of a "cultural food" is a bit absurd to even point out. All food is culture. All cultures have foods that are part of it and foods that aren't.

  6. Your allowed to not like certain foods but to try something once with little to zero knowledge about the ingredient and how to cook it is irresponsible and lazy as an influencer. Your lazy. Thumbs down.

  7. I swear this generation is too soft. It’s ok to think some foods are gross. It’s ok to have an opinion. She’s not hurting anyone. Get over yourselves. Good lord 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. wait a minute people are OFFENDED you didn't enjoy the taste of something????

    Seriously people need to get a grip on reality and get off the internet.

  9. Nothing wrong with not liking a certain food. Just don’t say it’s “gross.” Is all. I assume that’s the reason people may have been offended. It just means that something is disgusting entirely and nobody should like it, right? So it’s all about choice of words. Rather, you could just say “personally, I don’t like tempeh.” Nothing wrong with that 👍

  10. I'm Korean, and some very smelly fermented Korean dishes disgust me. You don't have to like or pretend to like everything just because it's a cultural dish.

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