I Ordered Everything VEGAN at KFC | KFC Vegan Chicken Fast Food Taste Test | The Edgy Veg

Today I’m taste testing everything Vegan at KFC, which didn’t turn out like I expected… but at least I tried! Let me know what vegan …


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  1. Meatless 46 years. I'm glad that so many companies are offering vegan options nowadays and i hope meat eaters choose the vegan options, but no way will I give my money to KFC. Horrific chicken abusers.

  2. Your kfc has vegan food our Hardee’s doesn’t even have a vegan burger I’m talking about Lebanon edit my favorite animal is cows pigs taste nasty and chicken is gross texture I don’t eat any other animal cause a lamb is a baby sheep and I don’t like deer meat or bear so technically the only animals I eat are tuna and salmon also never eat chicken nuggets cause you don’t know if they just throw a whole chicken in a grinder so I’m vegetarian will cut out dairy soon I never eat eggs sorry for lack of punctuation I’m lazy

  3. Vegan people are Hippocrates!!!! They want to eat something that tastes like meat but don't want to eat meat!?! WTF!!!!?????!!!! That's like saying I don't want to breathe air unless it's purified but you HAVE to breathe anyway because it's something your BODY NEEDS!!!!!! I dare anyone of you A8Holes to counter this argument……. I bet you can't…

  4. I would suggest KFC have a separate fryer for vegans. If you people dont support vegan meat at these places you are not doing the animals any good. This is how change takes place..

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