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  1. Well, thank God for your cults because as everyone else runs away from disasters, these aforementioned "cults" run towards those disasters. Where I reside, independent organizations agree to feed the less fortunate…but with very strict guidelines that a lot of homeless people can't qualify for because of a lack of an address. However, we "cults" load up healthy cooked meals and drive through the streets looking for hungry people…no questions asked. If you are hungry you get a meal. I say all of this because your definition of cult is too generic. A lot of us just want to love people in the same way that our God loves the world…all are welcome…no brainwashing…just love.

  2. I can’t say that about Islam. The day I reverted to Islam, that was the day I felt liberated and united with a wonderful community international. Everyday I learn about Islam the love for it increases.

  3. Cults and religions also double down when presented with evidence contrary to their beliefs. They always find a way!

    They pretend knowledge is valuable but then take steps to restrict your influences so you only get knowledge from the "right" places

  4. Honestly, you're getting so damn cool now. I have always loved you, but this year you have taken off. I love it.

  5. The definition of the word "cult". Has changed over time. It previously meant a religious order whose members were largely converts. For example, Christianity was regarded as a cult to begin with but after 200 years, most of its members were born into it and it had become a religion. Likewise Islam. I refer you to Max Weber and Ernst Troeltsch for more.

    Now, if you look up the definition, it's more about the way outsiders look at the religious order or the group's behavior or structure and is typically pejorative.

  6. Girl, you can say whatever you want! If you are wrong, people don't have to get crazy. I'm Seventh Day Adventist and some of the things that you mentioned I have experienced. Keep cooking new and fun vegan recipes.

  7. 🙄 I will agree that religions that make up their own rules, not from the bible, are cults. But all your statements (women in church, birth control, etc…) are all found in the Bible. Saying all religions are a cult is another way of saying: I want to do what I want and not even God can't stop me. Some people, like you, just love to live in debauchery. No rules 🤷‍♀️

  8. I think people forget that often the difference between cult and religion is that one is sort of stately recognised and one isn’t. Here in Germany, Jehovas witnesses are a cult, but in the states they are a religion 💅

  9. I have often said that religions are just cults with more members. More importantly I don't see any sour cream in this dish, do you have any recommendations for vegan sour cream?

  10. Yeeeesssssssss. I seriously love the confidence to speak so freely that you've had in your latest content. You seem like you're just done taking ppls shit, and I am so here for it. 😘✌️

  11. i respect using your channel to talk about what you want, but this is misleading (episcopal church ordains women, lgbt+, does not control reproductive rights. also reformed judaism same) and frankly uncomfortable for a food channel. i was a fan but will be unsubscribing. nachos look good though.

  12. Sad to hear your oversimplification of something very complex. Many religions have areas where they can grow and have done many regrettable things in the past. However, calling them all cults and dismissing them is also a mistake. It sounds like you have some wounds and maybe trauma to work through. I truly wish you the best in this journey, as much of life is grey and not black and white.

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