I stand by my recipe for CRISPY POTATOES

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  1. Smush with a masher and shake halfway through roasting,also you should try marmite roasties for an extra treat on those crispy bits ✨💕

  2. In Shakespeare's words….
    "much ado about nothing" 😂😂
    Geeeze ..!! these people nit picking on you about idly piddly things & creating unnecessary drama ..lol…
    Meanwhile .. they forgot to feed their cat ..👀🐈& the gold fish is getting dizzy swimming around in circles waiting for his fishy flakes.😳🐠

  3. Another chef here: Great chefs recognize there are many different ways to do things, each with their own merits. Arrogant mediocre chefs think it's their way or "ITS WRONG!" Sounds like this dude is the latter.

  4. Not at all to diminish your expertise but everyone knows this and the fact that this commentator didn’t really is embarrassing for them the way they went so hard 😂
    Fansplaining can stop.

  5. I totally love your videos I've been watching since 2016 or 17 but I do feel even with cook books you cant call yourself a chef if you don't have a culinary degree or at least 5 years cooking experience learning from someone else

  6. There are multiple U.K. chefs who have cooking programmes here and every Christmas there are the likes of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson, Mary Berry etc etc on the TV giving tips on how to make the perfect Christmas Dinner…shaking up your at least par boiled potatoes for the ultimate roasties is a frequent inclusion. Can’t help but feel that the commenter was from a country where roast potatoes aren’t really a thing.

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