I Test 3 Recipes for VEGAN Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes | Pick Up Limes, Liv B, Marys Test Kitchen

We’re back again testing 3 Youtuber recipes against each other. This time we’re testing which recipe for vegan chocolate chip …


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  1. I'm a year late but if you want cookies to be flatter, hold the baking tray and kinda bang it against something heat proof after they come out of the oven. Makes a huge difference

  2. I like mine chewy. I am a lover of chocolate chip cookies, I used to have the tollhouse recipe memorized and I made it All the time. But it seems every " vegan " dessert , except ice cream is not very tasty. Usually dry Too

  3. Personally I love a flatter gooey cookie, like subway cookies (they’ve launched a vegan one this year in the UK!!) and cookies that are more biscuity I think. What about you? x

  4. I think the aquafaba is def what makes it soft. when I cook with aquafaba stuff gets always a bit mushy. Depending on what you cook its gonna be great

  5. Ive never seen cookies baked in balls before! I always press the ball into circular discs. I was shook watching balls be called cookies. Never heard/seen this before.

  6. The secret to making the perfect cookies is taking them out right when they start getting brown, do NOT over bake them. Then slam the tray down on the counter to flatten them slightly and let them sit for a few minutes to harden. They will be ooey gooey chewy, I promise 😉

  7. Sadly, I really didn't like Liv B's recipe. But because of really not, I decided to experiment with my own chocolate chip cookie recipe. And I'm very happy with my own recipe instead!! 🙂

  8. So in some countries like mine we refer to golden sugar as brown sugar. Also we refer to powdered sugar as castor sugar, where the US version powdered sugar we refer to as icing sugar.

  9. Hi! HoW are you?

    – It is the second Thursday of the new year. Seoul, Korea had a lot of snow, and the lowest temperature was -15'C. It is a very cold day. I hope this week will be a healthier/fierce day. ^O^

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