I Tested 3 YouTuber Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipes | Hot for Food, Tabitha Brown and Sweet Potato Soul

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  1. Now I'm totally gonna make sweet potato soul's Mac n cheese. I was super skeptical of the squash in it but now compared side by side it for sure is the most to my taste🥰 thanks for doing this video

  2. This is so interesting, thank you for displaying them head to head. I usually swear by the Hot for Food one, but do exactly what you mentioned about cutting the amount of tomato paste to about 1/3 of what she recommends, and I blitz some nuts & nooch along with the breadcrumbs for some extra flavourful crunch on top. Her cookbook also adds some marinated muchroom "bacon" style pieces with it, which are a great flavour booster too. I'm hyped to try out the other recipes you showcased too now though

  3. I'm not vegan, but I made the Tabitha Brown mac and cheese and my whole family loved it. I usually don't care for vegan cheese, but it straight up tasted like regular Mac and cheese. I added a lot of garlic and baked it

  4. Cornstarch doesn’t really sub for tapioca powder as the tapioca creates that classic cheese like pull where as cornstarch will only add to the thickness of the sauce. These vegan macs do look delicious though!

  5. Comparing the cream texture has to be done as its cooked straight away, as long they hold on the counter the pasta will absorb the water and will dry out by time passing.
    As chef most of time you do them in the pot creamy as you want, then put in the oven to grill the top light brown. You want to use the top grill of the oven only, and be careful they can burn quickly. Some Garlicky breadcrumbs on top are just killer on those kind of recipes.

  6. I tend to add chlorella powder to saucy and soupy things cus it makes things more satisfying, u get ur B12 and ur not as tempted to eat a huge amount to compensate for nutritional shortcomings

  7. How can you say you did a comparison when you’re not following the person’s recipe EXACTLY!!!! you own input and diversion is yours you made it your own 🤨 Not a truly fair comparison!!!

  8. What's the reasoning for comparing if you're going to alter recipes on your own? wish you would have kept them exactly how they were, that way you could accurately judge

  9. I’m not vegan at all, I mean, I eat meat daily, but I always find myself watching your videos, I’ve even tried some of your recipes!! Everything you make looks so damn good, and what I’ve tried has been tasty too!! You have such a great personality, I find your videos calming hahaha. Love from Nova Scotia 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  10. You might have more success with Tabitha Brown's recipe by using more butternut squash! Then you wouldn't need to try to thicken it up at the end. Here is what I do: half a large butternut squash, one medium potato, garlic seasoning, one whole stick of vegan butter, 3-4 tbsp nutritional yeast, 3/4 cup non dairy yogurt, half package of both cheddar and mozz vegan cheese, and salt and pepper generously. Honestly I think the more squash the better. My sauce always ends up being super thick and amazingly delicious. I highly recommend you try it again!! 🙂

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