I Tested 3 YouTuber Vegan Red Lentil Curry Recipes | RainbowPlantLife, Madeleine Olivia & Happy Pear

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  1. I’ve made the Rainbow Plant recipe and really liked it. More recently, I made the recipe from Yeung Man Cooking and liked it just a bit better. It was thicker and used water instead of broth. He instructs us to grind our spices from whole seed and I think that bumped up the flavor. This is probably the recipe I’ll go back to in the future.

  2. Omg! I made Rainbow Plant Life recipe yesterday. I almost eat the entire pot. I had to stop myself. It was so good. I look forward to making it again🙏🏾🙌🏾🤣

  3. My wife is vegetarian, but I'm not and we've had conversations like this many times. Yeah, it's all about pumping as much flavor into the meals as possible. Fats do that extremely well. Salt always brings a pop to food. Yummy!

  4. Definitely try Nisha’s with Serrano peppers if you can! And instead of subbing peanut butter, sun butter is nice and subtle. Also, I always add frozen kale for extra veggies and texture!

  5. The comments about fat transmitting flavour are very apt. Much as water sautéed vegetables are healthier, they lack the depth of flavour that the addition of fat lends to a dish.

  6. I would Never swap almond butter for peanut..cuz peanut is insane.. it has a completely different flavor profile..
    I mean.. anyone who's cooked before.. who know what peanut butter tastes like.. would never add peanut butter to a curry or anything that doesn't call for a peanuty flavour

  7. I made the Rainbow Plant Life recipe a few days ago with cashew cream instead of coconut milk since I don’t cook with oil. It was really delicious. If you don’ t cook with oil you can add ground cashews to add healthy fat to give that extra richness too. Thanks for doing the taste test.

  8. I love Rainbow Plant Life’s Curry as well. My husband doesn’t eat the healthiest and I have been trying to learn healthy recipes without meat. He loved the red lentil curry and so did my parents and brother. I made it with serranos peppers the first time and the second time with jalapeños. It actually tastes better with serrano.

  9. I would’ve been surprised and disappointed if Rainbow Plant Life’s lentils didn’t win the taste test. She has the toughest critics trying her food…. her Indian parents! She has no choice but to get it right! 😂

  10. the way indians cook: first of all lentil is not our favorite daal … our fav is toovar … we cook in water until mushy and then do the tempering in oil with mustard seeds and cumin … spices used are salt, chopped ginger, turmeric powder, chili powder, cumin-coriander powders, whole green chilies, coriander leaves … of these ginger, turmeric and green chilies must be put in at beginning to cook them too … for other spices experiment to discover how you like: cooked partially or whole or fresh … our daily daal is preferentially soupy rather than goulashy and some communities sweeten a little with sugar … of course we also cook other and toovar daal as goulashy or cooked to dry paste texture slightly under-cooked too … like chanaa daal (goulashy) urad (paste) whole mung (soupy and paste) … spices are fixed in a family but there can be a lot variations also … a housewife will cook daily daal as bland but urad dry daal could be cooked spicier etc because daily eat for all including children not accustomed to spicy food

  11. Omg – I'm so glad I just found your channel. I love that you try different veg recipes – as someone new to the veg life, it's soooo helpful 👍👍👍

  12. Hi! I'm just loving your content!! And you're a doll😍

    You should get off to an Indian grocer to pick up Kashmiri red chili powder. It's not just bc it has an awesome flavour and comes in levels of heat, but the red colour of any curry comes from this kind of chili powder… Go get some 🤘🤩👍

  13. I love Nisha's recipe!! Flavorwise, I'd sooner swap tahini for the almond butter rather than peanut butter – provides richness without the distinct peanutty flavor.

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