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Find out whether the Betty Crocker pizza maker is worth purchasing and make a tasty slice! Get the pizza maker for yourself: …


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  1. Gets too hot too fast, dangerous, cheaply made. Mine fell on a carpeted floor taking out of the box, and chipped badly, handle cracked…. Not worth $49.00. Can be found at most goodwills for $7.00 and less.

  2. I bought a store bought pizza a few days ago and you could tell how there was no love whatsoever put into that pie. I love the Betty crocker pizza maker especially when you brush the extra Virgin Olive oil on the bottom Pan when you add oregeno to the sauce. When you add parmesan cheese to the mixture of mozzarella it all comes out perfect when you leave it in for exactly 12 minutes. I can't tell you how many times I ask for well done from pizzeria and they end up sending out regular flabby soft pizza dough. When you take the pizza cutter and cut the pizza up and hear that crisp crust that's when he know it's perfect.

  3. It is great for cooking a store bought thin crust pizza at 13 minutes and something like a Tomb Stone takes 15 minutes provided you preheat. No need for water and soap to clean. Just wipe out with a paper toweling. I liked it so much I bought one for my sisters birthday president.

  4. If you hadn't kept opening the pizza maker it might have browned the top better. Also the smoking was probably oils on the interior parts and needed to be burned off before cooking in it. Corn meal should have peen sprinkled evenly on your pizza peel so the pizza would slide off easily.

  5. These types of appliances are amazing, one of my favs. However that said it falls a little short as a pizza maker if you like the top browned, this will not do it, because if you leave it in long enough for the top to brown the bottom will be burnt! But it is still an amazing appliance for all kinds of things! Mine went to hell and I just bought another because I miss it so much! Now there are several different brands that use the same exact appliance. I luv the thing and one of the most useful kitchen gadgets on the market!

  6. FYI French is a language spoken around the world, therefore yes french speaking people eat pizza, lots of italiens speak french and the fact that the box is bilingual shows that this product is sold in Canada since it is mandatory for products in Canada to have both French and English information etc..

  7. Pizza was originally cheap food for the Italian peasants. Same thing with pasta. Now there is a whole industry and a lot of hype about pizza. I like pizza but the price charged in restaurants is extortionate, making it at home is much cheaper.

  8. I just bought this pizza maker at a garage sale and I just made pizza for the first time with it today. Best homemade pizza I've ever made! So easy! Think I bought it for $5. Great deal.

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