I Tried A 140-Year-Old Jambalaya Recipe • Tasty

Where did this southern staple get its start? To get the scoop on Jambalaya, Hannah Hart cooks alongside author and culinary …


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  1. that looks disgusting no one from south Louisiana would cook jambalaya like that even creole jambalaya !! first off brown the meat, add some onions,peppers,and celery and cajun-creole seasoning

  2. Why did this dude just gloss over the fact that jambalaya started out as a paella dish that was made with the ingredients they had at the time. A jumble of french, spanish, and african cuisine. A jumbled paella. . .

  3. Rice is not exclusively from Africa, or any African country. Frickin Asia your dummy. He doesn’t even know the real history of foods. Please remove this moron. I’m from NOLA. I’d love to debate Mr. State Puff Man! 🤬😡🤯

  4. 10:35 ..well you can still add those ingredients and it will taste amazing. They aren't flavour 'agents' just more magical ingredients. different if your adding ketchup or honey. LOL. but you can add that too and it would be awesome, DONE it..lol.

  5. if you are interested in ancient recipes, then I have a book called "the book of dishes" written by Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq 940 AD.
    it contains more than 600 recipes in 132 chapters. the book is written in Arabic, however it has been translated to English as well.

  6. Idk whats happening online but what's going through my mind is the reality that it's most definitely louisiana cuisine here mobile is one of those places where la creole women and men live

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