I Tried An All Vegan FINE DINING Restaurant with a Bumble Date

I’ve gone to a lot of vegan restaurants, but very few are a full fine dining experience like at Avelo! I made things even more fun by …


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  1. The world is going vegan! Have you ever been to fine dining restaurant that was completely plant-based? Also I HIGHLY encourage you check out Bumble BFF, especially if you are looking for vegan friends in your city…It has been such a fun experience (The link to download is in the description).

  2. I've been vegan for over 2 years… for many reasons… inhumane slaughtering to exploitation of animals to health. But lately I've been noticing my hairline receding a bit and I'm not feeling optimal. I see a very balanced diet, lift weights, eat plant based and extremely small amounts of any junk food. I need help deciding what to do… are there any people who have suggestions? Even thinking about the incorporation animals products hurts my heart, but I dont know what else to do. All my nutritional values are being met, I track everything, and get blood tests…

    Any advice will be appreciated!

  3. Haha whaaaat. Emily is so cool! I discovered her when she started dating Charlie McDonnell (another YouTuber) and her work is awesome. Did y'all get sponsored to do this together? Seems like it was planned that you got her. So fun!

  4. It’s wonderful to see people wearing coats that didn’t require the murders of coyotes or raccoon dogs. Too often fashion kills.

    I hope that young girls will see Candace and Emily as role models for their sustainable and kind lifestyle choices, as well as for their entrepreneurial spirit.

  5. You guy's Rock , Just found you / New Sub here !! Love the way you cook… ! Hello from Austin Tx. – One of the best "Food cities" in the U.S. IMO.. ! Take care , hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving !!

  6. Based on that thumbnail I fully expected you to be displeased or get into some awkward and uncomfortable hijinx with a weirdo from the Internet. But alas. Very fancy and normal. I have been clickbaited again 😭

  7. Wow, is there an app like that!? That’s so awesome! You look so gorgeous😍 I love trying fancy food and love their flower wall. Ps. The girl who mentioned the period might be fun to be around! She’s so open, lol!

  8. Hey Candice. I live in Toronto and watch your videos. I love your restaurant reviews. Just tried Globally Local. Thanks for making great videos.

  9. I have never been to a fine dining place that is totally vegan, but I have tried vegan options at regular fine dining places. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are complete disasters.

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