I tried making a vegan recipe from ChatGPT…

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  1. A plant based diet is not healthy! Consider this study:
    November 14, 1931
    Studies of Nutrition: The Physique and Health of Two African Tribes.
    JAMA. 1931;97(20):1485. doi:10.1001/jama.1931.02730200061030

  2. Saving vegans food recipe…
    After trimming all fat and silver skin off of the backstrap, from a deer you shot on a produce farm(to protect vegans food)…slice across the grain, 1.5 inch thick steaks, wrap in bacon, sprinkle on some Montreal, place on charcoal grill. Cook to a rare, med/rare at most. Enjoy!

  3. Lol!! I love the honest reaction!
    So tired of youtubers always acting all cheery and pretending like every recipe is spectacular. Sometimes they suck. (esp if a robot made the recipe!)

  4. Are you just saying this recipe sucks so that you have job security? 😂😂 my coworkers all joke around that in 5 years AI will take our jobs

  5. Interesting. Of the AI recipe videos I've seen, I think most, if not all of them made something that the video creator liked. ChatGPT needs to be fed more vegan recipes!

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