I Tried Making AvanteGardeVegan's Epic Shawarma (WOW This Texture Tastes Like MEAT)

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  1. 8:00 Love the food porn with the porn music lol. Seriously though great job. GAZ’s recipe wasn’t exactly accessible for your typical nonprofessional cook but yours is. Cheers! 🍻

  2. You would get a better sear in a cast iron pan and maybe release more juice out of the mushroom, and then you put spice on the squished mushroom. It looked delicious anyway, thanks for the demonstration.

  3. I need to show my parents MUD/WTR since 1. It’s Kosher (jew here) 2. It looks really healthy and I have trouble sleeping and I had a really bad crash at work (babysitting) and my mind was awake but my body wasn’t. 3. I really need to start changing my diet/habits since I am getting older and it sucks a lot. Hopefully this will help me out and save me money from spending on SB or DD runs.

  4. I love watching you make complicated vegan dishes while I eat my simple quesadilla 😂 it’s yum tho: mashed sweet potato, spicy black bean burger and vegan cheese with salsa 😋

  5. Hello! Awesome video as usual! Could you please do a review of just egg? I keep getting ads now (I live in Canada) on it and I want to know if it is a good substitute. I trust ur palette like u wouldn't believe haha

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  7. Guess what?! I- [accidently, as I ended up tipping another bowl, into my 'seitan' bowl & the results..] "found the '#SecretSeitanIngredient'!"

    1 cup Vital Wheat Gluten
    3/4 cup (Instant Potato flakes)
    It SOUNDS weird- I know BUT…
    Even if you do a 1/2 batch, "#TestThisSeitan". #ShareThisRecipe is ALL I ask.
    [Spice/season how YOU want]

    Once you try it, just please share it on 1 of your videos for others to see & try too!
    (#LastSeitanRecipe you'll EVER need.)

  8. Gaz is so over the top with his cooking methods though lol. It's definitely nice if you're cooking for others, but if you're doing it yourself, it's not that practical. I make a version of this and just use white buttons or cremini. Take the flat side of a knife and smash the mushroom (kind of like you do with a garlic clove), then fry in a pan, take it out, chop in slivers, coat with spices and bake. You can also add slices of tofu to bulk it up too. You get the same tenderness/juiciness and crispy parts as with regular shawarma.

  9. Excellent recipe 👌 Candice the Edgy Veg and I know I would prefer your version because it is more simple. Enjoyed your video and love 🥰 it. It was good to see the beautiful,gorgeous and lovely Molly Edgy Veg Junior do a taste test at the end of the video. Love💕💞Candice & Molly.

  10. I have a great tip for that pita! Separate the 2 layers like a book and make sure you keep them attached at the bottom. Then you put the filling between the layers in a line and when you close the top layer, you can wrap both sides in. And as long as you kept them connected at the bottom, the stuff doesn't spill out! It makes for a much cleaner sandwich! Sometimes the layers can be hard to separate, but just bite or cut a small little piece off the edge, and then you can get your fingers in between the layers to pull them apart at that seam.

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