I am so excited to try out Avant Garde Vegan’s Meatiest Vegan Meatballs Ever. Gaz Oakley launched season 9 with a Vegan …


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  1. I’m not a mushroom fan but this might be a good way to introduce them. Also I think I would use beef or chicken flavored both to mimic more of the meat flavor. I’m thinking meatball subs 🤔😁

  2. From the directions: "After balling place them into a deep baking tray ready for sautéing."

    That's a great time to get busy in the kitchen!

  3. Haha you saying aluminium made me crack up. But actually in context of baking foil no one would ever refer to it as aluminium foil we just say tin foil 🇬🇧

  4. Whenever he makes seitan you have to knead a lot in the mixer with your hook or hands 10 -13 minutes keeps it from being spongy. But hands down you both are my fav vegan cooks! I would love to see you both get together to make an incredible recipe!

  5. U were on auto next vid? Wot the fk vegans afraid of using spices 😂🙄 u obviously don't know any vegans lady, u commented immediately on how many herbs & spices were included in the ingred::🙄like u were complaining about using so many!!!!! Dam vegans using so many spices right!!! Cook till golden ???seriously u don't know, u chose to add more liquid!!!watch Cowspiracy

  6. Hola from Spain 🇪🇸 I love mr oakleys recipes and I tried this one but it was a disaster 🤣 though have to say, it was the first time I had ever attempted seitan and I messed it but up spectacularly. It went from baking tray to the bin, even my dogs ran. I have done a little more research now and your vid really helped so I will try it again. Pray for me. 😅

  7. Yup, having just watched Gaz's video… Cook off the moisture from the mushroom mixture, then add your spices, etc. That's why you needed extra gluten flour. Then, did you knead the dough? He says it's an important step for firming up the dough otherwise it ends up almost unpalatable. Just saying. I have yet to try this recipe.

  8. I tried this recipe the flavor was good but the meatballs were like eating a sponge, I would never make it again. It looks fantastic but is a major letdown. Maybe he should have added black beans, that might get rid of the spongy texture.

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