I Tried Making Gordon Ramsay's Vegan Bacon Taste GOOD (His recipe needed help…)

After testing Gordon Ramsay’s vegan bacon recipe, I decided I could upgrade it so that it actually tastes good. Based on my viral …


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  1. Put tofu on 1/2 of the sauced rice paper, then fold the other 1/2 of the sauced rice paper over top of the tofu, press down, cut. Might speed up the process a little bit. Thanks for the recipe, always a pleasure!

  2. Bacon in the UK isn't like US bacon. It's more salty anf has no maple syrup. Its more axe head shaped than a strip. I wonder if marinaring the bread from the bread recipe and wrapping it in rice paper would work? 🤔

  3. You vegans are insane. There just isn't a substitute for the real thing. Your taste buds can't taste anything anymore. Your trying to improve on what God made. He mad cows and chickens and the steaks, chops and eggs taste delicious. Love my bacon and hamburgers – REAL FOOD, not your fake substitutes trying to taste like the real thing.

  4. I watched Gordon's video and several recreations of it, including yours. Then I watched this one, and wound up following it. Delightful! I knew I would not like Ramsey's original because of the spiciness, so I am glad I chose to follow this one, including the marinade recipe you use. I am sold! I gave a couple pieces to someone who is not vegan but open-minded. They preferred this bacon to the real deal!

  5. I have really been having a craving for sweets/baked goods, chocolate and not, I like lots of variety and vegan baked goods/sweets doesn’t always have that (unless you make it yourself). I really love fruits, creamy stuff, and pastry of all kinds! You should do a video for a few of those. 🙂

  6. The crunchy bacon is such an American thing I think. I've never seen it here in the Netherlands. It's always chewy and meaty, in a good way, with some crips on the edges.

  7. I tried GMs and your original one. Yours was easier and better. What I do now is just 3 layers of rice paper (no tofu). Comes out the best of all, I think. as it's thicker than your original, crispy on both out sides and still just the right amount of chewy inside.

  8. I would honestly trim more the tofu and folds the sheets with the filling like 3 strip from rice sheet. And yes your recipe is better than the original, that man it's a joke just mocking Vegans.

  9. It's surprising to me that some people's version of Gordon's bacon didn't get crispy. Mine were super crispy and I added a lot of tofu. Sauce Stach's attempt also was very crispy. I didn't like Gordon's marinade though. so I'll try this marinade with his version of tofu since it worked for me.

  10. That looks reasonably doable. I'm not one for "meat" substitutes because I've always enjoyed plant's over animal flesh, for the most part but this is actually somewhat nutritious. Good job👍

  11. I guess his concept was good, but it's all in the execution…
    Have you seen or tried any TikTok layered potato stacks, like @moribyan’s Million Layer Potatoes or @poppycook’s 15 Hour Potatoes?
    They're really interesting.

  12. His recipe definitely needed help and there is no better person to upgrade it than the queen of rice paper bacon herself 😀
    You did a fantastic job Candice! I have never been a bacon person but this vegan version seems to be real delicious!
    Lots and lots of love for you and the whole team!
    Stay safe and have a great rest of the week!

  13. I wonder if the reason the original recipe is softer/chewier is because bacon tends to be cooked less crispy in the UK? He might not have been trying to replicate crispy bacon.

  14. With the amount Gordon screws up vegan cooking so royally, it really makes me doubt him as a chef. Whereas your stuff is always incredible! He's professionally trained and should understand the flavor combinations that work

  15. Candice's version certainly is better but that's not surprising because unlike Gordon Ramsay she has passion for vegan food and more serious about it. I wouldn’t even make the Gordon Ramsay's version because it's too complicated and time consuming. Love 🥰the video and love 💕Candice.

  16. Nothing works better than experience and the knowledge that you should make the best possible plant based bacon, because there’s no cheating by having the original version ( 🐷 bacon ).

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