I Tried Making JENNA MARBLES Favorite Meal | Vegan GARBAGE PLATE

In today’s video, we are tackling the queen of YouTube’s favorite meal, the garbage plate. Jenna Marble’s boyfriend Julien …


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  1. Oh man the infamous garbage plate from nick tahou's!!! I was born and raised in Rochester. I'm now vegan and looks like you nailed it 100%! I always added baked beans to mine as well. It came with a little dinner roll and a pad of butter. 😊 this makes me happy. Great job!

  2. Love this, great for summer!
    Ps. Love you blonde, Candace (you're always gorgeous, and from someone who hasn't colored their hair in a decade now, wish I could pull it off 🤗❤️

  3. It’s kind of like what you
    Do on thanksgiving. Just like everything on your plate and it looks mixes but it’s okay because it tastes delicious.

  4. “It’s called a chili sauce but it’s not really that spicy”….. maybe it’s named after like the soup “chili” like meat and beans and stuff? Instead of chili pepper. Like Maybe I’m just confused. Obviously a meaty sauce called “chili” would be based on like red bean chili.. Idk

  5. I haven’t really made anything vegan from scratch. I cooked vegan food though like beyond Burger and made macaroni & vegan cheese. Which I did a Vlog on not to long ago😋 I would love for you to subscribe back to me 😊 and I will follow who ever follows me👍🏻 Thanks

  6. You should veganize a horse shoe! It’s this thing that originated where I’m from (Springfield, IL) and it’s 2 pieces of Texas Toast on the bottom, two hamburger patties, shoe string French Fries, all topped with cheese sauce. It’s sooo good. I like to add chili to mine 😂

  7. They did vegan and gluten free. That’s where the magic Jullien created for Jenna. That’s the big element you missed from their video. Sorry to be a negative. You did great though!

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