I Tried Making Pick Up Limes' Vegan Pasta Recipe…MADE WITH HUMMUS?! | Edgy Veg

In today’s YouTuber recipe test, by popular demand, I tried making Pick Up Limes one-pot pasta recipe for her Rosé made with …


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  1. Wuddup Veg fam! Apparently, to some of you I sounded “salty” in today’s review, and some of you are asking if I don’t like Sadia.
    Guys, let’s remember this is a happy place, and that my job is to give my opinion. If I am not honest, then I am not doing my job. If I wasn’t honest, and said I loved everything I ate, you would tell me I was fake. However when I am honest, I am told I am too critical or negative.
    The goal of my channel is to educate and help people make changes based on my own, and most likely your, experiences. Everyone has their own tastes and techniques, and we will not always all agree and that’s ok.
    I implore you to think about how you speak in your head when you are following a recipe and are caught off guard, or see something new, or a technique done differently.
    I love Sadia, I think her channel is the bomb! No need to start drama where there isn’t any.
    All my love , Candice

  2. The best part in what I like about Sadia is that she is a certified nutritionist so she’s not just also going off of winging it but I have a lot of respect for this girl because she actually makes wholesome meals that’s nutritionally balanced but still freaking delicious 😋

  3. I honestly do not understand why people are so obsessed with her. May be most of the people in comments section are fake accounts or works for her. I do not understand why people are always defending her. She is fake and has Holier than thou attitude. Her recepies are like 1000 ingredients…. none of her recepies are budget friendly or quick and easy. I really don't understand why everyone is so obsessed.

  4. PIck Up Limes is one of the best vegan YouTube channels EVER! Absolutely every Pick Up Limes recipe I’ve tried has been excellent, and I’ve tried many. A few of my favorites are: One Pot Creamy Mushroom, Coconut Milk Oatmeal, Mushroom Avocado Toast, Mashed Chickpea & Dill Sandwich, and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.

    I have an extensive cooking background and have always viewed most recipes as just a guide. Because of my cooking experience, I know instantly when an adjustment to a recipe will be necessary in order to help me meet the dietary and/our taste preferences of my family. That being said, I have made at least one minor tweak to a couple Pick Up Limes recipes. Primarily because a particular ingredient was not available.

    A few other OUTSTANDING vegan channels are: Avant Garde Vegan, BOSH!, Rachel Ama, and Wicked Healthy/Wicked Kitchen Vegan. These channels give me life! Enjoy!

  5. I love hummus in pasta – I live on a fairly remote island in Scotland where it’s hard to get vegan substitutes (although we get Oat Milk thank the Veg gods!). It’s great mixed in with pesto too to give it a ‘creamy’ texture.

  6. I love pickuplimes. I too would cook the zucchini with the onions and garlic. I wouldn’t want ANY crunchy in my pasta. I appreciate you making it and giving your opinion. It sounds like a cashew creamer made with soaked cashews and water might taste great. Not being vegan, I’d use dairy cream, but I love plant-based milks too.

  7. Don’t think you sound negative, just chatting about it as you go along. I tried all three of her creamy pastas, and this was my favourite. Next the mushroom one. I’ve made this one several times – less spice in mine tho. It’s been a massive hit with friends and family.

  8. OMG I just made this, I love it, I love you, immediate SUBSCRIBE!!!! It was seriously so delicious! The only thing is, I left out the artichoke. Not a big fan. But I did cook the zucchini before hand like you said, total PLUS!!!

  9. I vote SWEET SIMPLE VEGAN or THAT CHOCOLATE VEGAN or LIV B (if you haven't done her already…)
    Love you girl… You're one of the first vegan You Tubers my husband and I followed when we first went vegan. Keep being you boo😘😘

  10. Just found PUL this week and her energy is amazing and peaceful. Sounded like you were critiquing her recipe before you even started cooking it. Won’t be visiting this channel and totally regret watching it to the end.

  11. This was great! Her videos are so amazing, but you always have to wonder how they taste. I've only made a couple of her recipes, and I always seem to be a little bit disappointed. Not to diss Sadia – I love her, but everyone has their own tastes and own way of cooking and sometimes you just have to tweak it a bit.

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