I Tried Making SAUCE STACHE’S Incredibly MELTABLE Vegan Cheddar Cheese

In today’s video I collaborated with Sauce Stache! He challenged me to try and make his incredibly meltable vegan cheddar …


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  1. So, this is my MOST fav video you've EVER made!!! No tacky language, great ingredients, just NICE, GOOD FOOD…I would subscribe if they were ALL like this!!! De lightful!!!

  2. i thought this cheese a pretty good,but edgy veg have u tried cooking with plants smoked paprika cheddar cheese yet? its shreddable,meltable&so creamy.this recipe makes the 7th vegan cheese i have tried and so far cooking with plants it#1 on my list. i would love to see u do a video of a vegan cheese showdown….cookingwithplants vs sauce stache vs veggie rose

  3. Wonderful recipe! I'm sure you know this but most starches immediately thicken with heat, which is why it's important to make a slurry first. Add the starches to a jar with a small amount of cold water, broth, or whatever liquid you're using – but it must be cold. Screw on the jar lid and shake well. You'll get a smooth, even slurry with less clumps than just whisking or stirring in a bowl. After the main recipe is seasoned and almost done heating up, add the slurry to the pot, simmer on low heat for 1-2 mins to both thicken the mixture and remove the raw gross starch flavor, esp with corn starch – stirring constantly. This technique is useful for most starches. Keep up the awesome videos, Candice! -proud owner of your cookbook 🙂

  4. Why couldn't you use Paprika for the color, almond milk instead of water. Or just go see ConnieRAWsome! She sounds like your typical grandma who did this in the old country! I love her. You will too!

  5. A good tip for avoiding clumping of starches is to first mix the starch in a little bit of hot water (or whatever liquid you're using) into a thick cream, and then adding that to the pan! 🙂

  6. Cool collab! I can totally see this as a weekend project with delicious results! If I may offer a word of advice: starches will clump up if introduced into a hot liquid. Either make a slurry with water (as you mentioned you usually do) or introduce the starches into cooled liquid. When you blend or beat starches for a while, they become rubbery and ball up (that's why potato mash made in the blender/mixer is so weirdly textured).

  7. Don't ever add starch to warm/hot liquid. Always mix starch with some tbsp of cold liquid first and then add this mixture to the hot liquid while stirring vigorously. That's how you can keep it from forming clumps. Greetings from Germany <3

  8. I really like this video, but I'm seriously wondering why you don't have a microwave. Microwaves are awesome for a lot of things. I don't use it for reheating things that shouldn't be soggy and I don't cook things that would taste a lot better another way. However, for melting, reheating, steaming, etc., my microwave is essential to me saving time. My sis doesn't "believe" in microwaving food because she is scientifically illiterate. She thinks it changes the food. I tried telling her it doesn't change it anymore than cooking it on a stove. She thinks it gives off harmful radiation. I told her to take a look at the spectrum. Microwaves are on the side of the spectrum that also contains infrared and radio waves. The harmful waves begin on the other side of the spectrum where UV waves are. Those ultraviolet, xrays, gamma, etc., are tiny enough waves to get into the cells of our bodies. Microwaves are totally safe. Yes, they use a Faraday cage. That's to keep the microwaves inside the oven in order to cook food properly. Why let that out? It would cost more energy. Anyway, rant over because I don't know what you know or your reason for not having a microwave. I really do love your recipes and I am vegan. You're doing a great job. Please keep it coming.

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