I Tried Making Sauce Stache’s MUSHROOM PEPPERONI Recipe…But FASTER?! | Vegan Pepperoni Recipe

Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video I made vegan pepperoni out of king oyster mushrooms! I adapted this recipe from …


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  1. I’m going to be making a version that’s like yours a little bit late marks and one other version of scene also vegan vegan sorry I’m having problems with voice to text is not working well it’s not holding a strong difficult so I eye it and I’m getting pretty good at it. I am not vegan However do you like turning things one thing into another should explain this better For almost 5 years I was vegetarian wrong
    vegan because of health problems and they told me anything I want because I’m anemic and I don’t seem to be getting it from pills or (veggies ) from food I was told to start eating meat to raise my iron, I was severely anemic. Meat did raise my iron I still have plans with digestion… The long and the short of the story because of this I learned first how to make everything vegan and then I have to do everything by scratch it was a time when there wasn’t much veganism out there in the sense that you had to make your own milk from greens and you had to you made everything from scratch and short. That’s a little over 30 years ago more or less. I’m using voice to text which means that sometimes it gets things I want to say right and sometimes it doesn’t. Hands don’t work properly so typing is out of the question. Whenever vegans used to say this taste just like meat I’d eat it and the kids would eat it my son is a big mediator just don’t go there and he started out vegetarian for health reasons vegan really wasn’t allowed dairy so yeah and so now he’s a big meat eater and he’s not anti-vegetarian but he doesn’t like the vegetarian who think anyone who isn’t vegan is a killer. So you may get mediators who are anti-vegan but we’ve experience just the opposite we’ve experienced vegans who are anti-mediators we called a vegan Nazis and they’re when I call angry vegans. I remember a time when that wasn’t the case that was a time when vegans were a little bit more friendly and the idea was you get more people wanting to try out what you’re doing than being…”killer how can you eat that meat.” For me the fun at the time when I was vegan was making food that looked smelt tasted like meat or cheese or dairy and totally fooling people who are used to eating those things and they couldn’t believe that this was exactly taste exactly like the stuff they were used to I made gingerbread with no dairy the taste no dairy no eggs and tasted just like gingerbread in fact it tasted like it had butter and milk and all kinds of stuff that you usually put in gingerbread and I had none of it in it because my son couldn’t have that stuff. Or goulash that I made for guests coming over for dinner and the wife is like what do you mean this is not got meat in it what’s this does taste like meat looks like meat smells like me it’s gonna be me to take her over the freezer and show her my spice rack and tell her that’s the secret. For me the joy was in the making of some thing that looks tastes smells what isn’t what it’s plucks smells and taste like that to me was the joy for me it’s like making art if it if I can make some thing look like something else that I’ve done what I said out to do. I’ve made Mock shrimp with a delicious cream sauce that had no cream in it just like there was no shrimps in the mushrooms either not easy to make almost had my mother fooled at the time she was alive until she looked at me with that look and she said 2 thinks it taste like it it looks like it but I know that it isn’t how I asked and her reply was too big and you don’t eat shrimp. I wasn’t trying to trigger I just wanted to show her it was possible that you could have everything you desired and taste looks smell and it’s not any of those things and I learned this song from my father it was a Holocaust survivor used to say the trick in culinary arts is the arts it’s the idea of taking something that you would normally not want to eat and turning into something that you definitely want to eat and he would’ve known do you survive the holocaust you often had to eat food that was bitter and horrible tasting like dandelion roots for example and the trick was making them taste other than what they were so he would always carry around or hunt in the forest for things that he could add to what they were eating and then he taught me how to do the same thing. So no I’m not an angry meat eater and I’ve never been an angry meat eater although occasionally I do get Hangry but that’s when I’m hungry more to do with the diabetic part of me. So thank you for showing that like I said it looks more like hotdogs I think it’s because real pepperoni has a dip in the middle it almost has a cuplike affect and you can probably get that cup like a fit and I think I know how well if mine turns out OK I will upload it and I will definitely give you credit and stash credit and hopefully you guys will take a look and that’s only if it comes out wish me luck because the full my son a big meat eater that should say meat eater are there we go It’ll have to really taste like meat. And especially like pepperoni

  2. Doesn’t really look like Pepperoni but it does look like hot dogs I think the color isn’t perfect but that’s me it’s all I can see basically in my eyesight it’s not so good so understand that I think it might be that perhaps you might have considered maybe baking the top a little longer I don’t know. I’ll find out when I try mine that’s why I asked about the potato starch I don’t have tapioca and I don’t have access to it right now because it’s an investment that when you’re poor you can’t afford extra expensive stuff and tapioca is rather expensive especially if you’re not gonna use it for something else and as I wouldn’t know what to use tapioca starch for…

  3. I’m using voice to text so please understand if not all of this makes sense I hope you can decipher it I can’t fix it been trying I just can’t do it my hands are not what they should be, and if you make sense of what’s allow do you understand why.

    Hi I don’t have beetroot powder
    But I do have an idea on something that might just turn it red any provided I think get a hold with it by next week. Anyway I am going to be looking at your recipe business and stashes recipe and I’m gonna look at another recipe as well and then I’m gonna see if I can come up with a real tasting Pepperoni and please bear in mind that I know what the real McCoy taste like and I have tasted supposed pepperoni that and we’re talking pepperoni that means a lot to be desired because they’re very degrees and they’re in types of Pepperoni I kid you not. And I’m a connoisseur of the real McCoy even if I can’t have it anymore for health reasons among other things it’s another reason why there was a period of time in my life I was macrobiotic it was the battle days before you could get substitute anything which meant you had to come up with tricks and hacks to unroll it was no you can go to them might local market or even a health food store to get safe milk there wasn’t anything so I’m not back then and I had to make everything from scratch for kids who have a 3 1/2 page allergy list that’s going back now almost 30 years I know some Americans were saying well they won at the time I was living overseas and getting that stuff now it’s a nice present that I sometimes got from friends and family members who bought it with my favorite one was the voice features of a squid stuff melted and tasted like mozzarella and I’m a connoisseur of cheeses by the way in my family food is so a big thing. My English is going and then again most of my language skills are going and I am physically handicapped and I’m losing my ability to speak so with all that when I have a good day I use it. I also have to use speech speech to text and sometimes it gives me problems most the time it gives me problems doesn’t always write things the way I want them written. Miss all that said you may ask so how am I going to be able to do Pepperoni well I’m gonna see if there’s a common denominator between all your recipes and then I’m going to look online for a place that actually makes real pepperoni and see what they put in and then I’m going to combine everything up and using oyster mushroom since four different people say oyster mushrooms are the way to go and it’s what I’ll be using. Mock me I have my own recipe for and I’ve had the pleasure of fooling big meat eaters with that so like I said experience from years back when getting anything in the form of like you have to use what I call soy that looks like doggy big kibble in order to make things and I didn’t like that so I had to come up with my own solution which I did oddly enough and now I’m going to try it out here again because I don’t want to lose what I have and I am losing parts of my memory from a car accident that left me with a big bash in the head. I’ll be in as I can remember things from 30 years ago and even farther back but things that happened within the last year not so much two years not so much just bits and pieces so having said all that if and when I managed to do it and it’s successful and I have mediators here if I can for them that I know I’ve done it right because not everybody’s taste buds are like.

  4. Everybody’s always gotta have something to say don’t they? I hate that people gotta shout from the rooftops that they not only disagree with you but be hateful and ugly about it! Those people just have pain, hate and ugliness in their heart and they gotta make sure to bring everybody down with them. I’m a meat eater and watch so many vegan channels you, Mark, Gaz, and Merle O’Neale mainly! And I love to see what y’all make and am fascinated by it all and think it tastes incredible! It seems like sauce stache gets alot of that hate as well over the stupidest stuff like what should or shouldn’t be called a steak?! Which is the most stupid thing! Good food is good food whatever is put into it! We should all eat what and how we want and if you don’t like it don’t watch or click but hey at the end of the day it’s engagement and we love to see it!! Haha love your videos I’ve learned so many tasty recipes I want to try! ♥️sending love from Texas🇨🇱

  5. Hey Candice!! Love your channel. Obsessed really. I have a challenge for you. Could you do a vegan version of bourbon chicken sometime? Was one of my favs back before I cut meat out of my diet. K'Byyyyyye 😁

  6. You have given me an idea to try and yes I do watch a lot of stashes videos I just don’t always believe his version of things predominantly because he doesn’t have a mediator who doesn’t believe in vegan come over and try it I’ve had people like that and I’ve had them try what I used to make like I said got a big problem with the physical part if I can get my kids to help me make it I might be able to put the recipes right here on YouTube along with making it up and if I can pass my sons test taste and he’s a big meeting here when you know I’ve made it. I am not vegan to me the idea of making things vegan and making them taste and look and smell like other things it’s not just an art it’s to show it to people who don’t believe in it that they shouldn’t Poopoo it and it for me it’s because a long period of time I had to deal with the kid with a lot of food allergies so I had to learn to make things look like other things while we were on a special diet that was supposed to help him and obviously it did and now I’m probably heading in that direction because I don’t handle much of anything very well they say my illness is to blame for it which it probably is but that’s why for me this would be the fun the fun is making things taste like other things that fool people enough to get them curious enough to make them if you can get people to use more vegetables and more non-meat then maybe sometime in the future the world will be a lot more friendly. My problem is with the kids called them Nazi vegans I think that’s too harsh but there are people who are so anti-meat and meat eaters that they turn people who are mediators off and these are people like my kids have grown up with vegan being a part of their diet for quite some time suddenly they’re going 180° in the opposite direction why because they can’t stand how these vegans are like I said in a previous post here pretty much doing white when I was a little kid people used to do to the soldiers coming back from Vietnam calling them baby killers they don’t like people who are like that they are so anti-that they’re mean you don’t get let me put it this way you will not get anything and anybody to change to your way of thinking if your attitude is nasty I had a friend who is vegan for almost 20 years she started when she was a preteen and when I knew her she was pregnant and she had a bad miscarriage before that suddenly out of the blue she had a craving for meat and I said to her well if you’re having a craving for meat and it’s really bad you should maybe go have say a burger and you’ve tried everything else have the Burger see what happens…later after she ate it she felt guilty about it I told her there’s nothing to feel guilty something in your body told you to eat it you feel better now go see a doctor get a blood test you can go back to vegan whenever you want it’s not a religion right now you needed meat you yourself felt better maybe you’re iron deficient go see a doctor, she did, she found out I was right and she would’ve ended up with another miscarriage thankfully she didn’t and she had a healthy baby boy who is now about 32 years old or 33 I forget which she still vegan as far as I know but sometimes you need to be unafraid to eat off if when & when is body actually tells them to do that and there’s nothing wrong with it it means your bodies trying to tell you something and she go see a doctor but my case I went to see a doctor and I try the medicine and it didn’t work that’s when the doctor told me to eat meat so I was a bit kind of frayed to eat meat because I had reactions to meat and not good ones apparently because I’ve been vegan for so long I was able to do that in the quantity and the proper measurements given to me by my macrobiotic counselor and my iron levels went up and I started getting better for a while I didn’t know that it was a quiet before the storm although we didn’t know there was something wrong with the liver to begin with we didn’t know exactly what it was the macrobiotic Council who discovered it honestly I liked being macrobiotic and I liked being vegan but sometimes it’s just the way it is. Right now I’ll be happy if I can eat some thing like mushrooms without getting sick I have problems eating just about anything with the exception of certain proteins and even then it depends on amount that’s the time I go hungry which for a diabetic ain’t good. I’m not a normal diabetic even the endocrinologist doesn’t know what to wear to put me what does he doesn’t know what to do about it but he’s baffled. They’re running me through more and more tests. Having said all this which is a lot for me it’s the idea of getting people to try some thing they could never think of trying trying something that they are so certain will taste awful because that’s the way they looking at vegans because of the attitude and giving them something they try and they finally like it. My folks and it’s an old tried and true cliché as you get more with honey than you do with vinegar it’s true unless like me like your vinegar and I never liked vinegar before because my mother used to drown everything and vinegar there’s vinegar and then there’s been a grocery get my meeting lol. PS I’m using voice to text and I hope this makes sense I’ve corrected as much as I can I no longer able to do anymore. Voice to text has a habit of not putting down what I want it to say I’m misspelling things on purpose sometimes it gets rather rude.

  7. Yeah it’s missing that little indent and the color is still a little bit off but yeah it does look pretty good but meat eaters would definitely poo poo it because it’s not quite right it’s close it’s really close based on looks it’s missing that I called an indent it’s kind of a cupping look that happens when Pepperoni cooks an oven it gets a call in a cup lock because it’s kind of the corners that mean that called the corners the edges kind of pull up in the bottom drops down I don’t know how else to put it and the color is usually a little bit darker than what you’ve got so it’s not bad it’s just missing some thing. And if I ever get the chance to put up my version now I will tell people how my secret.

  8. True it looks more like sausage then like pepperoni but that’s only because if it kind of cups a little bit when I mean by cups is a sort of indent that Pepperoni gets when it’s cooking if yours gets it will look like Pepperoni are you talking to somebody who used to love Pepperoni long time ago so yeah but I still wondered about why the starch I’d really like to know what the reason is is that a stiff in at a bit so that it kind of the gelatin in the gelatinous a bit too it kind of causes the indent I’m just curious what the purposes. Anyway no it kind of looks like Pepperoni when you put it on the pizza that way although some people would argue and say it looks more like sausage that I think has to do with the color it’s not as intense a red like real Pepperoni will Pepperoni has a certain darkest reddish next to it but that could be because you’re missing may be an ingredient and I wouldn’t mind giving me a clue to it but I want to try doing this eventually if I can do it I’ll know in a few months if I can actually make my own channel if I do I’ll send you a link and you can use it on yours with my secret ingredient to make it both meaty flavor and give it that deep color that’s missing. But frankly it looks OK to me.

  9. You could probably shorten the time if you put a weight on your mushrooms to keep them down in the liquid so they would get absorb more when I say aw wait you can take a netting it’s kind of like a metal my thinking the word I’m trying to remember the words I’m losing words as I begin I have problems OK I have some damage from a car accident and I’m losing words so I have to go into various languages just to find the words I’m looking for I see a netting that’s not the word I’m looking for right I’ve got it you know they’re sifters and what you do to weigh them down it’s not that hard you push it down and you put a plate on top what that does is it still allows your mushrooms to soak it doesn’t make a mark on them if you do it right but it keeps them from popping to the surface it allows them to soak longer. Generally I use beet root juice because I can’t get beet root powder I use it for my no tomato tomato sauce and I add a few things to give it a more richness to the color and flavor. But that’s another story.

  10. I’m not an angry mediator but I do resent when a lot of vegans say something taste exactly like meat and I fall short of the plate and I know where I speak because for a long time you could say I was more vegan and vegetarian and it was for health issues and then there was a period of time I could eat meat again and I was so happy because I missed syncing my teeth into a real steak there’s something juicy OK now I have tasted vegan food that actually tasted like meat that was really good and really not just believable but really tasted like the real McCoy however I really would appreciate it if a real meat eater was fooled by the food CI used to invite people over for dinner who were real meat eaters and after they tasted what I made it they would be really surprise it taste like me they wouldn’t even believe me I’d have to go and show them what I used in the freezer and the fridge and explain to them what I did slightly and never gave all my secrets away and I used to shock them that it tasted so much like me I was really good at it I’m physically handicapped now to the point where I don’t do cooking anymore but I like looking at cooking shows and I like looking at people who try to make things look from one thing to another and that’s really great I just wish that you invited somebody who didn’t know you were pulling a fast one but that would only work if you aren’t generally vegan to begin with and I believe you OK because I know that that recipe would be really good to pull on my own kid my son is a very meat and potatoes boy and I have tried vegan burgers of every kind and he says they all make him sick it was a time when I made things from scratch including vegan burgers and they tasted like meat but I need a trick to that and the trick to that is something really simple yes let’s say combination of herbs and a few really weird ingredients that you would not think of but to make things taste like meat when you combine it. Same thing with making things taste like cheese I was really good at that to you combine certain things like pear juice and almonds and you will get things that taste like butter or cream depending if you know what you’re doing and how much of what to put in etc. and yes I’m telling you one of my favorite secrets and it works it falls people. The thing I have a problem with is that you talk about meat eaters who are really angry blah blah blah I have met meat eaters are more angry at vegans for their anger and being a mediator a meat eater and I tend to remind me of people from when I was a kid who called the soldiers coming back from Vietnam baby killers never mind I was a little kid and I resent it. Probably because I came from very proud survivors of various wars were veterans of those wars and I was the child of their old age and I resent it when people make comments of other people in that kind of attitude. So that having been said I’m gonna continue watching your video but I won’t believe it until I know that there’s an actual meat eater who doesn’t know you’ve replaced his wonderful Pepperoni with your imitation. Are used to do a lot of this like I said my son was a meat and potatoes kid and he was put on a certain diet because of his food allergies. We were macro for 3 1/2 almost 4 years that means macrobiotic and so I had to learn to make things taste like other things in order to get my kids to want to eat it. Like I said I was very good at it and I had to make everything from scratch because back then they weren’t any substitutes hell you couldn’t even get a fake milk except for Alpo Soy eventually they made rice milk then they went on to others but that would be a long time coming so I had to make everything from scratch including rice milk including Mark cheeses etc. so that’s why I would be more I can find more of these videos believable if somebody was not a vegan at least wasn’t known to be a vegan invited some friends over who weren’t vegan who are meat eaters you love me I know and then pulled a fast one because that would make it more believable. The other day I went to a restaurant that had is one of their vegan options Shawarma trust me they’re Shawarma didn’t taste like Shawarma was bland and it had no flavor and it wasn’t the chefs fault because the rest of the vegetables in there were tasty just the meat substitute he was using whatever it was locked it should be locked or not locked but I’m using voice to text and it will do what it wants it lacked the essentials that make it meaty a flavor and it’s not hard to do if you know the secret and I had to discover the secret by hackers call it back engineering I think a recipe that somebody wouldn’t give me all the details for but she did give me one and I had to work out how eventually I figured it all out and she told me I got it right because well except for one or two spices I had gotten her recipe down pat and she is not vegan but yes it did taste like meat. The secret is there a plenty of things not just herbs and spices but there are plenty of things you can use to give things the right meaty tasting flavor to such a degree that you forget you’re not eating meat that to me is the real enjoyment when eating something vegan. I’ve met plenty of meat eaters and we’re talking the kind that you stark raving mad to even suggest that you can make something taste meaty and that they would love it and swear it was meanie and it has no meat in it they get real grumpy and I tell them look I’m not one of those crazy vegans who say how dare you eat meat everybody has the right to eat what they want I just like the fun of showing you that there are options in the world and that you can turn something that is not meat into something that tastes looks and smells like it to such a degree he would swear it is. To me that is the art and it’s also some thing of the survivalist in the that I got from my father. A man who taught me how to cook gourmet and he was all about his meat although he did try to do certain dishes that were vegan he just wasn’t good at it and I ended up surpassing him to the degree that when he died there were certain people who said I should go and become a chef and I thought not a good idea for me. Yes there are some mediators to get very angry but what they’re really getting angry at its all those vegans who tell them that they are like I said before above.

  11. The challenge I would make is how to make good vegan recipes that are low carb. As a type 2 diabetic, I can't eat most vegan recipes without spiking my sugars. Even more complex carbs that are usually considered a healthy option for diabetic, like those in legumes, will spike my sugars to over 200 — normal is 100 or below.

    Many vegan dishes have added starches and/or sugars. Even though they look good, they have a negative effect on my blood sugars and overall metabolic blood panel.

  12. I'm not vegan but I don't get meat eaters who would poo poo this idea. I mean, pepperoni doesn't even taste like meat anyway, it's just spices and richness/oiliness.

  13. Hey Candice! Whenever I watch your video you truly make my day… I love, love, love your authenticity and the way you explain things. Thanks a lot! Quick request: could you try and make a real good Easter Maple glazed ham??? Thank a lot!!

  14. I HAVE A FOOD CHALLENGE! The two ingredient seitan challenge in an INSTANT POT! I’m lazy and being able to make it in one would be another level of laziness but it would also save time 😭😭😭

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