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These gadgets claim to make chopping onions faster and easier… Are they worth getting? Goggles: https://bzfd.it/343m4Rb …


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  1. If you know how to properly slice an onion, you will not cry. You need to first slice off the top of the onion and don't slice the bottom part till the very end after slicing the onion. The sulfur is on the bottom where it is stored and if you don't slice it till the end then you will not cry. As for the tomato slicer, it seems to me if you are already taking the time to cut it up into eighths' then why bother with the device to cut up more. Also, were the tomatoes refrigerated prior to cutting to get them harder? Other devices like this I have used and when either using store-bought tomatoes or ones I had grown in my own garden these devices only just smash up the tomatoes.

  2. I think one of the main functions of the onion holder is missed in this video: after chopping the onions one way, you can turn it 90 degrees and then chop into into smaller pieces more easily while continuing to hold it in place with the holder.

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