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Would you be able to host a cocktail party for 15 people with only $40? Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: …


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  1. Anyone else pissed that her sales tax was only 2.6% for god sakes I thought 6% in Michigan was low. Go back to Missouri with this bs…Wtf

  2. Could you make a vegan/vegetarian edition of this series?
    I guess I'm not the only one having some vegetarians and vegans as friends.
    And cooking vegan food wich is still cheap is often considered very complicated, but if you plan ahead and take your time it's actually possible.

    (hosted a vegitarian lunch-party for 6 people, wasn't more expensive then if I had bought meat :D)

  3. 🇹🇷 anyone not from Turkey should see this about this video.
    So… I couldn't sleep and calculated this in Turkey's currency by december 2020.
    Minus all the oils and seasonings she used it costs 281,15 Turkish Liras with each ingredients cheapest option that any market has to offer. Yes i did compare them. Vodka is 7-8 dollars in this video but in Turkey it's 110 Turkish liras so that was the biggest difference in our receipt. But other ingredients that i find and listed were waaay way less in portions. let's say the cream cheese i find was only 80gr. Right now a dollar is 7,61 Turkish liras and it's a big big deal because unlike other countries we do not produce our own cotton to make fabric or we don't have the fuel to produce many things like paint. So we have to buy it from other countries. This affects our fashion sense, art, music and many other things. I would like to talk about many other things but the lack of justice in our lives makes me tear up and i don't want to talk about it no longer. I do love my country but i wish we were living with the same life qualities.

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