I Tried To Make A 700-Year-Old Lasagna Recipe • Tasty

Ah, lasagna. It’s tasty, it’s filling… it’s dense. Why is it like this? Has it always been so dense?” Hannah Hart explores the …


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  1. What is really gonna blow your mind is that Western Europe did not have forks until the 18th century! 🤔 😐 The Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire (or, just, "the Romans") had had forks since the 300s

  2. I think you're supposed to boil the pasta in stock, which is a big part of the flavour. I made this with Gruyére and Grana Padano, both of which were available in medieval times. It was delicious fresh. Also that was waaaaay tooo much clove.

  3. The recipe to make pasta hasn't really changed in 700 hundred years. Now they put in egg yolks or eggs instead of just water. But the mixing well in the flour, and the boiling for 2-3 minutes are still part of modern day pasta making.

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