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  1. Baking soda chemically tenderizes meat.
    Which I feel is weird to do with ground beef.
    A lot of Asian cuisines use baking soda to tenderize their cheaper meats to pull out higher quality from them.

  2. I used to have a patty shaper that basically worked like the two deli containers hack. it was a tiny metal container with a lid and some lil holes in the bottom. So you pushed with the lid and then the holes made so it doesn't get stuck

  3. also the fact that you should poke a hole in it is not working in any kind of way it makes the patty dry and has no impact on making even contact in the pan
    the burger kept his shape bcz it was cold not room temperatur as it made contact with the pan
    or why do you think most chefs freeze their pattys befour throwing it on the grill ^^

  4. Another hack: Instead of using leaves of lettuce, shred it, and mix your sauce(s) through the shredded lettuce. Should keep said sauce from getting all watery and spilling everywhere when you take a bite out of the burger – I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed that little waterfall when he took a bite.

  5. Think I will cut the lettuce just right to cover the burger patty from the lower bun. As a barrier for the home made Teriyaki Sauce, will squirt it on top of the lettuce and place the beef patty there. 😎

    For the ice to melt quicker, you need to cover the grill pan with the cover, so the trapped heat will do its work.

    Think watching the hacks or quick fix cooking methods, it given me some ideas 😊

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