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  1. For future references Rie, if you buy organic (more expensive I know) you can actually use the scraps as compost and make fertilizer. I used to work at a co-op (fancy word for overpriced groceries 😅) in the produce department. We actually had a designated area we used to fill garbage bins with fruit and vegetable scraps to send off to make compost. And it got picked up every Monday so there was no waste EDIT Someone actually suggested to compost the cores 😅.

  2. in reality, homesteaders doesn't really add apple core (or any bone, seed & peel) as "waste" since it can be use as animal feeds, seedlings source or/& organic fertilizer.
    (which means one gets 2 or 3 uses for the price of 1)

    Anyway, this is GREAT!!!

  3. If this challenge were to happen again, look for small tubs of butter. You can use the plastic tubs to store leftover food or as improvised spice containers. They worked well for me by far.

  4. I know I’m 3 years late but hope you see this
    Apple cores are compostable as are most fruits and veggies and other things. Compost is not “waste” per say it’s actually good for the environment so you don’t have to eat the cores! Lol

  5. Rae not saying "and today I'm going to take a common food and (with dance) make it fancy" at the beginning of the video is screwing with my mind xD

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