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Tamales are a staple of Latin American cuisine, but what do you know about their history? Hannah unwraps the origins of the …


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  1. I live in yucatan where they still make mucbi pollo like this. Mucbi pollo it's a traditional tamal and we eat it in special occasions which are like the day of the death and its available all October

  2. The funny thing is to this day we still do all that process for tamales; that thing where she ground the corn is called "metate" and to this day it's used at most mexican houses

  3. I love how you made The Yucateco Tamale. You didn’t add any strange ingredients in it. My family is from the Chihuahua and from Yucatán so we make both type of tamales for Christmas.

  4. 3:55 we indians have this kind of similar one but in different states we called thi thing different names in kerela we callled this as ammikallu but it is mor denser and bigger …….. that banana leaf wrapping is one of our favorite one we even do this things in this modern days………..

  5. No… Nixtamalization is the process of soaking the corn in wood ash water or powder made from certain shells mixed with water, (also the lime you used) to create a chemical change in the corn — which then makes the corn possible for proper digestion and properly to be able to absorb nutrients. This is how you prevent pellegra disease (result of lack of Vitamin B3) when on a predominantly corn diet — something that the rest of the world didn't do and ended up with pellegra when they had a high corn diet because they didn't do this chemical change to the corn. There is MUCH more to Nixtamalization than just removing the husks.

  6. She said "Tamal".. Yep.. You're officially Mexican now. 😜 Anybody that knows anybody knows this is how you say it. 😜 Peace & love. Stay safe everybody. 💚👊✌

  7. A couple of things I wasn't expecting: her making the Masa from literal scratch, since she's using turkey sounds like a healthy filling (The most common tamales filling is pork), and the Chile habanero cuz I've seen three different chilli peppers like Chile ancho, huajillo and hmm forgot that last one.

  8. Wow in almost every Mexican home there's a Grandma, aunt and mom making tamales like every day. In my family they make it at least once a month (You know as for birthdays, festivities or out of boredom)

  9. Try delia's tamales they are a south Texas food chain right along the border in the Rio Grande Valley and they recently last year they made it so you can order from anywhere in the United States. They are some of the best tamales I have eaten.

  10. This reminds me of the Chinese zongzi. People wrap the glutinous rice in leaves as well, the rice generally has fillings like salted egg with fatty pork, chicken or red bean paste. You normally steam them tho. This tamale recipe seems like something that I would like eating, being spicy and stuff.

  11. I remember eating tamales and drinking coffee with my grandfather.. I miss him a lot, but this video just radiates positivity and makes me have happier thoughts

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