I Tried to Make Steak out of Seitan | Vegan Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

Tonight’s video might blow your mind! Was I able to make the ultimate VEGAN chicken fried steak using Seitan? Using my fried …


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  1. My husband shares a lot of the same unhealthy traits with his uncle who passed away last week. That and the insane price increase in meat made him say "I think we should go vegan." I almost shit my pants with excitement! A friend of ours turned me on to your channel. I can't wait to try this recipe! Thank you for this channel! I am so excited to try so many recipes. I have been trying to get this guy to eat veggies for a decade now. Can't wait to start this journey!

  2. Nice to have convenient seitan options. Although satin is not difficult to make…it takes a long time.
    This recipe looks yummy.
    Thanks again, Candice.
    Hoping as always that more people eat a plant based diet. Or go vegan which is even way better!!!

  3. So growing up in the south, I had grew up eating chicken fried steak as a breakfast dish with a more sausage gravy, home fries, and eggs and maybe apple sauce as the veggie lol but that was my personal upbringing

  4. I was in Toronto last week and went to HogTown Vegan and they had seitan chicken fried steak (which is something I’ve never had even before I was vegan) and it was sooooooo goooddddd hahahaha Halifax needs a HogTown Vegan

  5. In the video you say you used 1 cube of the no beef bouillon and in the written recipe it says 1/2 cube of it, which is the correct measurement? I just want to be sure because I know how salty and flavorful those cubes are.

  6. Also you're gorgeous and one of the sweetest most kind people. You're doing a fantastic job of making veganism more accessible and all the people hating on this video are just pathetic and I'm glad you're staying strong! Canadian squad for life

  7. I think it was Nigella Lawson who said "sometimes only mashed potatoes is needed", I can confess to only eating mashed potatoes (not often only when needed)
    I would love to see what you do, I personally would of thought it would be easy to make them vegan. That being said I have bad ones, to me it would be about technique not the additions.
    Merry Christmas and wish you well!!

  8. MISSY, You don't have to worry…You don't look like QUEEN BEE…that is only reserved for ONE > MOI….besides > you look like a SAVAGE w/ ALL those TATTOES which are something that's NO NO in the BIBLE as well as PIERCINGS. NA.

  9. Never heard of this seitan before, luckily it was spelled or I would have been quite confused at Satan cuisine.
    And aquafaba, another new word. Not sure this stuff is sold out here in Hicksville … Looks interesting though

  10. Instincts and biological nature telling you all you need meat. Your denial is being rubbed in your face and your ignorance will keep you suffering. You are stuck in a limited perspective. Your body is crying for more nourishment.

  11. I have been searching for recipes to make for a friend who is vegan. I love your channel. You make it look so easy for a non vegan to try. I can't wait for your mashed potato video. 🎄🐧

  12. Gusta's website is not loading properly, links are not working so anyone from Gusta on here or can contact them (I tried, contact links not working and instagram goes to their French language).

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