I Turned Soy Curls into Vegan FRIED CHICKEN

Click https://skl.sh/edgyveg3 to get 2 months of Skillshare for FREE! In my search to make the perfect vegan popcorn chicken, …


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  1. well it would of helped if they would of had an explosive expression when they bit into the curl, with an "mmmm gosh that tastes just like chicken", which leads me to believe that it doesn't, they just gloated on the crust. from the start of the video I was on the edge of my seat waiting for an anticipation moment on that taste moment, what a let down, thanks.

  2. OK I should have none better. IF you are are going to use oil why not soak them in oil. But if I want pop corn chicken I'll use the check. I don't see the point of not using chicken. LOL

  3. Arrowroot powder or tapioca starch I heard is a healthier version of cornstarch.
    Also for a crispy -ness , ppl also use white rice flour for that crunch or bread crumbs , Indian semolina (Rava/cream of wheat ) gives a nice crunch .

    And the flour I've seen ppl make it with chickpea or gram flour, spelt flour .
    Looks delish !!!!

  4. I just made this today….and it turned out very delicious…..my mom whose not a vegan loved it….. Thanks for this terrific recipe.!!!
    I made soy curls before but this was the best recipe for it!🙋💞

  5. I tried your recipe and all I can say is OMG! absolutely amazing, crunchy, crispy and it would fool any carnivore into thinking they're eating popcorn chicken!

  6. I always hear everyone say let's go back to basics and do tvp…. but I'm just NOW hearing about this and it taste way better than any vegan meat replacement I've ever had.

  7. THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE RECIPE YOU NEED TO TRY! I've been a vegan for a few years and this is by far the best fried "chicken" I've had!! My only advice is buy several bags of soy curls because you will be INHALING these!!

  8. So excited! I watched this video when it first came out. And now with all the corona virus stuff, my grocery store has been out of tofu for three weeks. So, i just ordered a ton of soy curls. Excited to finally try this recipe for dinner. It looks so good! 🙂

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