I Went to An All VEGAN Bakery…I’m SHOOK (they had vegan keto options)

You KNOW I have a hard time finding really high-quality vegan baked goods, so today’s video had me shook. I went to an all …


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  1. Timeless Coffee in Berkeley/Oakland in Northern California is my go-to 🙂 They make all their own savory and sweet vegan treats, and even roast their own coffee!

  2. We just got a place called Free Reign bakery in knoxville. They dont have a store yet, must get it at the farmers market. Shot in the dark here but any knoxville vegans wanna go out for desert? Lol

  3. Vegan baked goods are always my favorite thing to look for in a new city and now this place is saved on my list! 🙌🏻 My favorite vegan bakery is Pattycake Bakery in Columbus, Ohio! 😍

  4. If you ever go to Burlington Ontario Downtown is kelly's bakeshop it mother-daughter owned. It's all vegan gluten-free. They also have lettuce love cafe.

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