I Went to an All VEGAN Grocery Store! | Vegan Grocery Haul

Hey guys! Today I am taking you Good Rebel in Toronto! Good Rebel is an all vegan grocery store in Toronto on a mission to …


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  1. This is what all Health stores should do, only sell vegan products, this is very well stocked store, would love a longer video, thank you for sharing keep safe

  2. Peace.. Shalom.. Salam.. Namaste and Thank You Everybody for All that you are doing to Heal our Mother Earth 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ☮️ ❤️

  3. My girlfriend is a super picky eater but everything I’ve made from your cookbook she has loved so thank you!!! We also want to live in Toronto one day and I’m watching some of your videos to help me feel more comfortable leaving home to live somewhere so far away. Seeing all the vegan stuff makes me very excited ☺️☺️☺️

  4. So nice that they have fresh veggie section, in my city all the vegan shops only have the fancy products and no fresh veg and sometimes I would just like to stop once at a shop and get some tofu some cheese and some broccoli in one place

  5. Wishing Australia had more ethical shops so far 1 bluk store that's 90 minutes from my house I'm trying my best to be eco friendly and go when I can aslo shopping at fruit shops more as they have less plastic but struggling 😢 would love a vegan shop near. Me 😭

  6. Vegans hate meat so much they gotta go through the effort of making these science experiments to resemble meat lmao. Just eat the real thing.

  7. i love mahlo bars!!! my latest obsession is from the ground up cauliflower pretzels and beanfields bean chips with hummus. omg so good and banza pasta tree line cheese is amazing with simple mills crackers

  8. toxic grocery store lol. Vegan movement is dying out since it's a malnourished diet. Big pharma love the new generations that continue buying their supplements.

  9. Hiya. Hope you’re all well. This place looks great, and being vegan myself it gladdens my heart to see an all vegan shop…. BUT, shouldn’t we be encouraging people to eat a whole foods, unprocessed diet of vegetable, fruit, nuts, seeds and whole Grains? All this heavily processed, preserved stuff is almost as bad as the meat and dairy version. It’s great as an occasional treat, but trying to replace traditional junk food with its vegan alternative will still cause issues for health both for us and the environment, surely? I don’t wanna pour cold water on everyone’s enthusiasm, but, I think the owners could’ve perhaps concentrated on making the whole foods section ie veg , fruit nuts etc larger and more affordable for the average shopper. The food industry will always jump on the band wagon, play on our social conscience to produce vegan foods and products at grossly inflated prices to rip us off!

  10. I live here in the bullshit city, a.k.a. Toronto. May eateries and restaurants claim to be vegan but they are not. They serve you "vegan" meat patties and other fried things on the same grill where they cook meat. One time I mentioned that to a waiter, and a chef came and told me to leave because he thought it was a "harassment". Everything in Toronto (a.k.a. the bullshit city) for Vegans is very questionable. Take note!

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