I Went to the World's First Fully VEGAN FAST FOOD CHAIN and DRIVE-THRU

You read that right! In today’s video I am going to the world’s first fully vegan fast food chain and drive-thru. Globally Local makes …


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  2. Actually, Odd Burger is not the world's first all-vegan fast food drive thru. Evolution Fast Food in San Diego, California opened in 2009 (it's still going strong). It has always been fully vegan, and a drive thru. It lead the way for its sister restaurant, Plant Power (founded in 2015) – which now has 15 locations, with more planned.

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  5. I know this was filmed more than a year ago… but I live in Michigan which is pretty much as close to Canada as you can get and I REALLY want to make a trip to Toronto just to try this ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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