I’m NEVER Making Ham Any Other Way AGAIN

This home-cured and smoked ham recipe is wet brined and then smoked and glazed to perfection for an incredible meal to serve …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Hi I’m I professional private chef working in Hawaii. Your pork was grey and not pink because you boiled your curing salt. Prague powder starts to break down at 140 degrees, so it should never be boiled. Because of that your ham was only salt cured, which is totally acceptable, but you won’t get the pink color or cured flavor. Otherwise it was a spot on tutorial.

  2. Smoking meats is carcinogenic. Dry brine the deboned and flattened leg for 2 or 3 days.get surface salt off either by rinsing or brushing off thoroughly. Cook on a rack set in a foil sealed roasting pan low and slow. U get all the same tenderness and none of juice is wasted. After the meat reads 10 degrees underdone, turn the oven off and let the whole thing rest there for a few hours till it's cool to the touch. Get the foil off then the rack out. Reduce the jiuice down to a glaze, check for seasoning and get it cool and then add some liquid smoke in, before brushing it onto the meat.

  3. Ham refers to the technique of curing so there isn’t such a thing as a fresh ham. Leg of pork is more accurate. That being said, it’s commonly used so no biggie

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