I’m ONLY Making Chicken Wings THIS WAY From Now On

Follow these easy procedures for the perfect crispy smoked chicken wings recipe that will quickly become a party favorite. You are …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. You don't have to hit 165 for chicken to be food-safe. Salmonella is killed with a combination of temperature and time, which you can look up in a USDA chart for poultry. 165 F kills 99.9% of salmonella instantly, 164 F kills the same % in like 1.5 seconds, 163 F does it in like 3 seconds, and so on.

    I'm making up the numbers – you should go look up the chart – but that's the idea. The wings were probably food safe when you took them out of the smoker.

    Too many people assume 165 is a magic number, which it kind of is, but that magic number makes a lot of people overcook their poultry. It's time and temperature, not just temperature, which kills salmonella.

  2. It will have only have the char flavour at the end.

    Better cook in grill for whole time . Don’t waste time in smoke and deep fry .

    This is overkill and the chicken has become very very dry.

    Do only one procedure and coat it with sauce.

  3. The oceans on Earth are the most polluted and irradiated thing on earth sea salt is absolutely not good for you go with salt mine from the salt mine like under Utah and don't have it bleached or anything just keep it as the way it comes out of the ground

  4. That much trouble???
    Three different cooking methods used? Maybe two methods for the extra crisp but why a third one?
    He must not be hungry.
    Started cooking lunch at 8am

  5. I like his method. To crisp up I would just up the temp on the pellet grill to 425 – 450 for 5 minutes. Over a direct flame as in his example there is a high probability there will be too much char-burn.

  6. I have been making a similar rub for several years and I always make it in bulk. I discovered a hack a couple of years ago and that is using Sugar in the Raw or Turbinado sugar instead of regular brown sugar. It lasts better in storage without caking up like the regular brown sugar and the flavor is the same. It is more expensive but I have been able to keep it for years without any caking or moisture issues.

  7. You spent so much time measuring your spices in all those cute mini bowls. Why not just use your favorite dry rub? There only about 1 mil. to choose from and all those use just about the same ingredients.

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