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Gumbo is the official state cuisine of Louisiana. Today I am going to show you how to make vegan gumbo in an Instant Pot.


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  1. As a cajun vegan i was thoroughly impressed until the okra and tomatos were thrown in. 🥺 Okra gumbo is different than chicken+sausage. You cook the okra before-hand to prevent sliminess and if you're like my great grandmother.. you cook the okra down for several hours until its all completely brown (you start with a full pot and end up with very little at the end) and use that to start your roux!
    Also the only time cajuns will ever use tomato sauce in a gumbo is if its seafood 🙂

    Just some helpful info from someone who grew up eating these dishes.

    Edit: i realise this video is super old sorry 😅

  2. I was with you until you added the tomatoes. Trade that for vegan worcestershire and you got it made! A really vegan-i-fyable cajun recipe is jambalaya with andouille. I love it and it's super cheap and filling.

  3. No clue what gumbo is supposed to taste like, but I just made this and it was delicious! I have yet to make one of your recipes without having to find ingredients either on line, at an Indian Market, Asian Market, etc. I am loving this adventure! I had to transfer the gumbo to something other than my Instant Pot once the tomatoes and broth were added. My Instant Pot wouldn't reach pressure. I didn't mind….I am full and still eating…

  4. Got your cookbook and love the chicken sriram! I also make the tahini sauce from your holiday brook at least once a week! Can’t wait to try this recipe! Also making the Indian dal for my lunches this week!

  5. As was said above by others, this that you've so skillfully made and charmingly presented is actually a Creole gumbo. Cajun gumbo is entirely different and usually brown in color. It has many different ingredients, tastes entirely different, and the two may be similar really in name only. Gumbo is a thing that is very important to many people so this difference is sort of a big deal to people. I'd love to see you make a vegan Cajun gumbo, because this Creole one looks really fantastic! Well done!

  6. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I approve of this. (I’m not even vegan, but I’m trying to start transitioning away from meat and dairy). I will be trying this whenever I get my hands on some jackfruit. I think old bay seasoning would be good to add in too. If anyones knows where to find jackfruit in Louisiana, let me know please!

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