Iron Chef Cook-Off: Challenging Healthy Vegan! |Edgy Veg

I am challenging out my friend Heather (Healthy Vegan) to a cook-off on October 10th! We don’t know what ingredients we will be …


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  1. edgy veg, please tell your American viewers to VOTE FOR THE VEGAN, Katie, TO BE ON THE TV SHOW UTOPIA, go to to vote now. Voting is planned to end Tuesday, Oct 7.
    The vegan, Katie, is competing against a cattle farmer to be on the tv show Utopia.

    Katie wants to promote veganism and be a voice for the animals on tv, probably has some similar skills to a veterinarian, probably knows about gardening and nutrition, how to cook yummy healthy meals, probably has some frugality, survival and self sufficiency skills, her cleaning skills can help prevent illness, probably wants to promote peace/kindness, and  try to make the world a less violent place for her kids to grow up in. Animal abusers usually also abuse humans. Katie's kids are with their grandma according to the video.

    Crops are much cheaper and healthier than cattle/chickens.
    The utopian cast can hardly afford the animals, especially if the animals can't be free range and live off grass/bugs/natural food sources. They'll probably get more food if they eat the cow's grain than the amount of milk and meat they'd get from the cow. 5acres is probably not enough space to grow enough food for 15people plus cattle.

    Katie is more frugal and knows how to eat and grow food in cheaper healthier more efficient way than Cal(the cattle farmer). Growing and buying cheap healthy food should be one of the utopia cast's top priorities.

    On the show Utopia a calf was separated from it's mother (I'm against that).

    All Americans please Vote for Katie now and tell all Americans to vote for Katie. Spread this message fast before voting ends.

  2. this made my day, @Edgy Veg!  i just love your personality…and especially enjoyed the football drilling in the kitchen 😉  i'm new(ish) to your channel and just love what you do and how you do it 😉  excited to see how the challenge goes!

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