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Your beer not vegan? If you like it, please help me get 100 likes on the video 🙂 Besides food items that are added to affect taste, …


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  1. Of course beer is not "vegan"… You guys are soooo cruel. Because of the beer, that you're drinking, millions of yeast microorganisms get exploited and murdered by the heartless brewers all around the world…. Please have mercy, people!!! Don't drink beer and wine! ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

  2. My favorite beer used to be Kneitinger Dunkel from Regensburg Germany. It's a local beer not being exported AFAIK but it's the best I've tasted on my "beer holidays" to Bavaria back in the day and probably EVER. I don't drink any alcohol anymore these days for health reasons but if someone ever visits that region : check it out, it's the best ever!

  3. Good to know: ALL german beers are vegan, because the german "reinheitsgebot" constitutes, that in the production of beer only the four ingredients water, barley, hops and yeast are to be used. I am not sure if the rule also applies for export beer. Then again, the glue for the lables on the beer bottles is normaly not vegan…

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