Is Gordon Ramsay’s Viral Vegan Bacon any GOOD???

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  1. "Vegan bacon"??! – No such thing, if is is vegan it is not bacon; if it is bacon it is not vegan. If you want to eat something that looks like bacon, smells like bacon and tastes like bacon, eat BACON.

  2. Something I enjoy every now and then is a tomato and cottage cheese sandwich. Smear a thin but not too thin layer of cottage cheese on both slices of bread and add a slice or two of lightly salted tomato and enjoy! Not sure if there's a vegan alternative to cottage cheese though.

  3. I love your channel. I have 44 food allergies and most of the products out there have at least one thing I'm allergic to. Hoping I can diversify my diet a bit with your recipes.

  4. Im so upset..I cant have nuts or oil or rice or grains…Ive been vegan for 30 years and developed stomach issues from it….This looks so good…………maybe one day…

  5. That plant milk maker is a cool idea but I actually buy the milk precisely FOR the additives. Yeah I might spend more for milk in an immediate sense but with how much calcium, b12 and other fortifications there are, I don't have to eat nearly as much leafy greens if I were to avoid fortified foods lol. Plus the milk is stable and lasts for weeks. Great demonstration on this recipe though, I look forward to trying it myself

  6. Sometimes I wonder if Ramsey deliberately makes some vegan dishes difficult and unappealing in order to make people say "Oh I could never be vegan cuz it's too difficult". Jus sayin.

  7. Right off the bat, if Ramsay is using sriracha sauce and cayenne pepper, especially in those quanities, to mimick "bacon" flavor … I have no idea what planet he received his Michelin stars on. That's like, really off. There is NO heat in bacon.

  8. Nice recipe! I will try to do it. I must say though original ali-oli recipe is vegan, it is made only out of garlic(ali) and oli (oil). Eggs and mustard are used to make mayonaise, or in this case a garlic mayonaise.

  9. when i made this for the first time this past weekend, i found it much easier to pre-soak WHOLE rice paper sheets under water to start them softening, before dunking the whole sheet in marinade (actually, i put it on my baking rack and painted the marinade on with a pastry brush). then, AFTER assembling and baking it the full large sheets, i cut them into strips when they had cooled. so much easier and less fiddly than messing with individual strips. i personally love his extra spicy marinade, but that's just me. oh, and i also baked them longer than the recipe states, because i like them crispy. the rice paper innovation is pretty great!

  10. Help, somebody! I tried to make the Gordon Ramsey aoli TWICE! I used 1/4 of “Just Egg.” I used 1 1/4 cup grapeseed oil. My blender was going slowly. And it turned out a SOUPY MESS. There was absolutely no emulsification! What did I do wrong???

  11. Great vid as always! I made this today but used Chinese beancurd sheets in the middle instead of crumbled tofu and def didn't add the sriracha (?!?)…it was good! Using the sheets made it easier and less messy imo, and it was good and chewy throughout.

  12. Lmfao so vegans don't want to eat animal's but they sure as hell want it to taste like one… If God didn't want us to eat animal's , Then he wouldn't have made them taste like meat? Lol

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