Is Pipian Verde the Best Mole?

This Pipian verde recipe with chicken has fantastic flavors of spices, toasted nuts, and roasted vegetables for one of my favorite …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Great job! Just a small tip- epazote is pronounced aypassotay- the z's turn into s's in Spanish:-). This looks fantastic. Could you try a straight up mole next time?

  2. Made this last night. My blender is old and not large enough to handle all of the ingredients so I ended up blending everything (including some fresh epazote) minus the ground nuts & seeds first. That sauce (just the roasted vegetables and fresh greens with the braising liquid to loosen it up) is amazing on its own and worth making on its own to try on other things. The nuts and seeds changed it into something completely different, though still delicious.

  3. Your pronunciation sounds good to me! I’m from New Mexico, and molé is like a religion even here. I’ve made black many times, and since I have pumpkin seeds in the cupboard, time to make green!

  4. This was my favorite mole when I lived in Mexico. I miss it since we moved back to the US. The pumpkin seeds in the sauce are very good for your health! We usually had it with pork instead of chicken. And more pumpkin seeds and less tomatillos ( I didn't like tomatillos as a kid and I still don't like the taste of them)

  5. I always butcher my own chickens and make chicken stock which I put in freezer safe jars and put in my chest freezer along with the portioned out chicken. I've been doing this for many years and my soups and sauces are fantastic.

  6. “I even open a book, can you believe it” 😂 you crack me up! I loooove your video. Made me drool! I will make it soon. My husband’s aunt always made it for parties, unfortunately she passed away and I haven’t had it in years.

  7. Hello chef, I appreciate all of your take of Mexican cuisine, I feel honored that you take your time when explaining the dishes of my country. If you continue this way, you might end up adding a metate and molcajete to your kitchen! Saludos!

  8. What would you recommend instead of peanuts? Aside from how prominent they can be in a dish, someone I cook for is alergic. I am considering pistachios, hazlenuts or brazilnuts.

    I like adding a little acid too… so some lime juice sounds like it may be nice to me too. Not a lot but enough to bring a smidge of brightness.

    …but I am mainly asking about a nut substitution. Thank you!

  9. I love your recipes and the channel. Always fun to watch and tasty to eat.
    Although I do have one question. When I change the recipes to the metric they are almost "undoable" because of how the conversion is done. It is automatic and so probably nothing can be done about it.
    Basically, all us – volume measurements (cups, tbs, tsp) are converted into weight, which is simply confusing. We do not measure fluids in grams (g) we measure them in millilitres (ml) only dry ingredients are measured in g.
    Would it be possible to do something about that? Because frankly, it is a pain to cook the stuff when the measurements are unusable.

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