Is This the Next Big VEGAN MEAT Product?! | Vegan Taste Test

[Sponsored] With so many vegan meat brands becoming popular, today I’ve had the opportunity to test and cook with the Meatless …


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  1. It may be a good vegan substitute for those who miss it (it's impressive how much it does look like ground beef), but it's not healthier. It's a long list of heavily processed ingredients. It's junk food. I respect people's choice not to eat animals but from a purely health and nutrition perspective, unprocessed meat is very nutritious and a lot better than this product. I think your recipes look great and are very creative, it just irks me when people act like "plants = good, meat = bad". It's not that simple.

  2. I have tried different plant based meats and haven't found one that taste like beef or just taste more like sausage. It's ok with me since before becoming plant based I never really like beef. But for my family that are hesitanton transition they won't have it. They all are very high and fat! The lowest I've found is 14g fat per patty and usually due to oil. It'd be great of they can come up with one that is low fat.

  3. Hi Candice!

    Your channel is awesome! I'd love your take on old world European recipes such as spätzle, schnitzel, stroganoff, meatballs, pirogi, latkes, goulash etc.

    Much love.

  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being honest about our very real FOOD, & sticking up for the animals!!! Plant based is REAL! Our language matters. Thank you!!! 🙌🤘

  5. hey candice… have u made a meatloaf from the beyond ground? omg gurrl gurrrl gurrrl.. i use the vegan egg in it or the vegg" as ya call it lol. and i put sauteed onions/mushrooms, breadcrumbs and top it with BBQ sauce.

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