Is VEGAN WAGYU Possible? Making the BEST Plant Based STEAK EVER!

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  1. The late Anne McCaffery foresaw this in her Doona series. As in lab grown filth as the standard food item. Where lab grown meat patties is what folks ate world wide. And that they were tasteless.

  2. ic made this a few times now, and each time the marbling mixture comes out looking all lumpy, is this okay? i poured the cocunt in slow, added methyl and kappa, exactly as you did. 😞

  3. Definitely interested to give this a try!

    My butcher friend was bitten by a tick and in a cruel irony now is unable to eat beef, and he was just saying last night how he misses steak. This may be a surprise gift for him 👀

  4. Jesus these comments are mind numbingly dense. Times have changed were people now are personally offended if you DONT eat meat, while vegans are just minding their business. Like, I'm not vegan and probably won't make this, but it's still fascinating food science and it'd be insane to get upset over it lmao. Gotta try the marmite hack for whatever I marinade in future, I can't believe I've never thought of using it when it's so common in NZ. Good work Mr Stache 😀

  5. hello, i am very interested in this. do you think from this steak can turn into yakitori? also, have you try to make shabu shabu? please do try, i am interested to find the outcome. if i dont have liquid smoke and methylcellulose what alternatives can i substitute with? also, what is the recommended duration to let the steak sit long enough?

  6. Vegans make me laugh!! They don’t eat meat and they create a science project and want you to “think” it’s meat.. “don’t kill animals, just get CANCER eating chemicals that DONT BELONG IN YOUR BODY!”

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