It’s Cottage Pie, Not Shepherd’s Pie

The flavors in this delicious cottage pie recipe from the slow-cooked onions, beef, and root vegetables with cheesy mashed potato …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I like the idea of BBC’s(?) Henry Crabbe of “Pie in the Sky”. He told his chef to put a layer of potatoes on the bottom to soak up all the juices. More mashed potatoes sounded great to me.

  2. At the time of the development of this recipe it would have most likely been called Cottage Pie because each cottage had its own version. I would also probably have been made with lamb because at that time the Irish rarely slaughtered cattle. The name Shepherds Pie did not come along until later.

  3. I have a question about the pot you browned the beef in. Is it aluminum or steel? It has some black spots that look like you'd see on seasoned cast iron, but also has wear marks more like you'd expect from aluminum.

  4. Looks delicious! And I greatly appreciate you including weight measurements. I can both measure with my heart and weigh like a champ. But using volumetric measurements always ends poorly. (Feel free to laugh. I don’t understand it either.)

  5. Dijon mustard, garlic, fresh meat rather than leftover roast meat, wine, tomato… It's perhaps a bit off to correct people on the meat they use in a shepherds pie when this recipe itself is quite different to the traditional version of a cottage pie

  6. I love all the root veggies. When I'm not busy it is the best thing to be able to enjoy the time to cook, watch and smell everything come together. Add a Salad and a Irish Soda Bread and boom it's time to feast. Most importantly watching family, friends or loved ones enjoying a meal together is the greatest gift. This recipe can surely feed a crowd. TFS Billy.

  7. Gatekeeping ingredients and techniques is one of the worst parts of our industry. Shepards pie has entered the lexicon of our language so its materially unimportant for the vast majority of home cooks. Their mom called it shepards pie and they do to.

  8. Another beautiful recipe, Chef. For me, this is true nursery food, even though my mother was Italian. (Italian mother, Cajun father — not cooking was never an option for me!) Our take was different — we used beef, pork and lamb, didn't use the root vegetables and a few other things. Just made the family version last week but this recipe intrigues me so that I'm going to give it a shot here at home. Such a warm and filling dish, it was also a favorite as the "family" meal at the restaurant.

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