I've Made the Best Vegan Egg Recipe (and the secret ingredient isn't tofu…)

Do vegan eggs taste like real eggs? In today’s video I’m sharing what I think is the best vegan egg recipe on YouTube! This secret …


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  1. This is absolutely delicious and versatile! I love Just Egg and this is an amazing replacement and much more affordable. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  2. Make a vegan Chinese omelette plus stir-fried Purple Sprouting for breakfast(non-vegan vid link below). I grew up on super-healthy home-grown Purple Sprouting – not knowing it was related to posh pristine broccoli. Spinach omelette is OK but Purple Sprouting is much more chunkily luscious for a change.
    Here's a non-vegan cook cooking up a Chinese omelette with freshly-picked Purple Sprouting:
    I'm now totally addicted to my vegan version – breakfast, brunch – whenever.
    Paul G

  3. Just made this and I absolutely love the taste! But the texture is very potato-like (which doesn’t bother me too much) and is gloppy while cooking. I used cornstarch instead of tapioca, is that possibly why?

  4. I picked up a bag of mung bean powder from the Asian store. also I made it To recipe And made and omelette and scramble then I added a bit of tofu to the mixture and blended it and made another omelette and scramble. I preferred the texture and taste to the one with tofu added.

  5. Are we supposed to measure the mung beans before or after they've soaked? The recipe says one cup, but I'm confused if I made them right because my don't stay yellow. At first, I made an "omelet" I was excited because they got such a beautiful crust, but my scrambled version also get the crust everywhere and I'm wondering where I went wrong…

  6. Just made it with yellow lentils and it's delicious!! I'd made them before with mung beans (but mine were whole and green, so, tastewise, it was great, but they did come out green hehehe) These look amazing!!

  7. The written recipe says to use baking powder, but the video says to use baking soda. Candice, would you please let us know which we should use? Thank you in advance!

  8. Made this and it turned out so good. So easy and economical. I left out the garlic powder because I want to use it in crepes and other baked gods as an egg substitute.

  9. Ok, so I just made this. I'm sure most of you know this, but one cup of dry mung beans expands when soaked in water overnight. Mine about doubled. So I rinsed them and instead of dumping the entire amount into my VitaMix, I added one heaping cup as she does in the video. So perhaps the recipe should read 1/2 cup dry mung beans, soaked overnight to make one cup. After blending, the mixture looked smooth and thin as the recipe states. I cooked some in a non-stick pan (sprayed with Pam) and frankly, I thought the texture was a bit cakey – like a thin pancake. Maybe it's the addition of baking powder. But I didn't care for it. Luckily there are lots of recipes out there using yellow mung beans, so I will have a use for the remaining amount I got from Amazon 😄

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