I’ve Never Smoked Ribs Like This Before

It’s already tough enough to get amazing tasting, juicy smoked ribs, but now I have to make them for 60 people using a smoking …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Couple things I've learned over the years doing ribs: 1) barbecue is done when it's done and that's just how it is; and 2) ribs and brisket are about as much feel as anything. When I pick up a rack of ribs that's not quite there, it'll be stiff and won't bend very much if you lift it in the middle. When it's about done, it'll bend more readily but still have some resistance. If it's just limp, you've taken it too far, so don't do that.

  2. im going to disagree with you saying rib meat is not supposed to fall off the bone. A little tug is fine, but when you have a clean bone from a little tug. . . . . . that's the money meal right there. Wonderful job making the ribs though. Made me pull the ribs i have out of the freezer for a 6 hour smoke.

  3. You are single handedly my wife and I's chef to watch and learn from.

    We're from Texas and Alabama respectively- and are dumbfounded how AUTHENTIC your food looks. Down to cooking method, you had both of us convinced you were native to three different states lol

    Failure is just a part of success- and you killed it man. I'm so glad you had this experience. It's a culture!

    Also….use an onion to scrub your grill next time and then chuck it in to smoke!

  4. They do this a lot here in Oklahoma.
    Your hood should smell wonderful.
    The dogs will be going nuts.
    Seriously…billy you need to get out of Chicagoland. Move to Oklahoma!!
    I did.

  5. Chef Billy – This was a really fun video. Masterful job with the smoker … and yes every smoking of anything on any pit is an adventure. Thanks for posting.

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