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  1. I made jalebi for the first time today . I chose your recipe because it was vegan – no yogurt used. They turned out very well. Thank you for an excellent recipe 🙏🏽

  2. Ive watched all of your videos iam going to make all of your food your channel is good your food makes my mouth water iam from the uk and when ive made the food from your channel i will put what ive done from your channel i shall put them on my YouTube channel foy yourself to view and comment was .it your idea to make a cooking channel

  3. I very much enjoyed watching you cook. Very patient with us, teaching us as you went along. I have many family of Indian decent on one side of my family….my aunt married into. So from a young age I was in love with traditional Southern Indian cooking. I am terrible to remember names! But this is one treat that we as kids gobbled up so fast! We always thought they had honey in them and called them honey straws. With my disabilities I am no longer able to cook much, nor am I around that side of my family much. They don't come to me to see me…they are wealthy and we are not. I miss the huge family gatherings I grew up around and helped with as a younger woman. Many fond memories this brings back. Would love to be in the kitchen with you, and be young again to learn from you all the recipes and techniques. Thank you so much for posting this. I wonder if I can order some of the Indian foods and snacks and have them delivered? I will save money to try and do this. I was very happy to get left overs from the family gathering I was unable to attend the day after Thanksgiving…it was too much trouble for anyone to drive 15 or 20 minutes to get me so I could attend. I'm too much trouble now that I am old and disabled…let the young people have their life. It's OK. I have my memories to keep me company. Sry for the long comment. Didn't mean to talk so much to you!

  4. Yes please Manjula, I would love to try one;  Jalebi's are one of my favourite sweets they were the first Indian sweet I was given when a child in India. Thank you so much for all your lovely recipe's.  x

  5. Thank you so much for your presentation.You made it look very simple.I have seen the chefs drawing jelebis and sure it is an art.The consistency of the batter is the key to roll out beautiful lalebis

  6. These Jalebi look like cross between Dutch funnel cake and Japanese Karintou.  I'd seen them sold at ethnic shops but never bought them.  Now I know what they are and look quite yummy.  Thanks, Manjula!!

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