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Spice up your life with a delicious Jollof Risotto recipe in honor of Black History Month. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: …


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  1. People its a fusion of italian and african new dishes are mad when you take different dishes and fuse them dont say it bad until you tasted it yourself you know what is bad african chicken that stuff hard as a rock

  2. Sooooooo many haters! Traditional ethnic food of all types is amazing, but there's space for somewhat-embellished Americanized versions as well. Fusion of two cultures…what in the world is wrong with that?!

  3. My son sent me this video…..hmmmm….I can see why. They murdered "J rice"
    One of the ways you know great jollof rice is that …….it's not sticky or soupy or creamy like a risotto. That arborio rice is simply NOT the rice to use for it. Too mushy.
    The suya shrimp. ….you can get away with ….because we use different proteins for suya ….so that could be overlooked. Nice presentation though!

  4. As a Nigerian, I've ain't even heard of Jollof Risotto. I am thankful for your effort of trying to introduce African culture. #NoHate
    And also could you please make a Video of Nigerian Normal Jollof rice please 🙂 Thank you.

  5. I do not know why African people are offended by fusion cuisine … it is a way of preparing meals today for most chefs around the world, they took an African tradional dish and merged it with one of the Italian cuisine .. At least to criticize, only one question remains … Did you prepare it and taste it to know that it tastes bad? … you have to open your mind to new flavors … cooking is a matter of creativity … Have an excellent week

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