Juice Cleanse Survival Kit with Good Life Cleanse | Edgy Veg

Want to know how to survive your juice cleanse? This video is all about my tips and tricks of how to juice cleanse effectively.


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  1. I know this was a while ago but stuff like this is what scares me about some people in the vegan lifestyle. Dry rubbing doesn't bring toxins to the surface. That's absurd. Do NOT get a colonic unless your doctor says you need one. You're just going to flush out good bacteria that your body needs. Basically a colonic will just make it harder for you to use the bathroom. Saunas make you sweat. They don't remove toxins. I won't deny they feel good. They do. But your liver is what detoxifies your body.

  2. At least one vegan doctor I know about never recommends juice cleanses on the fact that they are very unhealthy and serve no real purpose.

  3. What the hell is this?!?! An SNL skit or something? I can't take this seriously. I was actually considering becoming Vegan, but then I clicked on this video and I suddenly changed my mind and went to Outback Steakhouse and ordered some  delicious Steak and Ribs and other non-Vegan stuff.

  4. The company that I've done cleanses through is called Yea Olde Champion Juicer and Vita-Mix in the Kitchene, LOL!   This was one of your wittiest videos yet, and your makeup and hair–I have to say this–look really complimentary.  Thanks for posting!

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