Kache Kele ki Sabzi – Spicy Plantain – Raw Banana Sabji – Recipe by Manjula

View full recipe at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com Spicy plantain, Kachhe Kele ki Sabzi , makes a delicious side dish. Plantain is …


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  1. All your recipes are amazing.. very delicious yet simple to make with ingredients available at home. Tried out this recipe.. turned out very well. Thank you 😊

  2. Dear friend.
    Your recipes is very nice.
    I appreciate it. In Mauritius we half boil the banana. Mean we observe while boiling, that the skin of banana don't get tear. You remove before that , cool it and grade it on grader, Now you cook it. Your recipes will become more delicious.
    My English is not good. Try to understand what I want to say.
    Namh shivay.

  3. Manjulaji, can you tell me what type of pan this is in which you are cooking. It appears to be a hard anodized one. Can you point me to the product on Amazon.com? Thanks so much and this recipe rocks!

  4. Manjula, I love your videos and book! I tried this with ripe plantains (no need to pressure cook) and the slightly sweet flavor of the plantains with the amchur worked. Ripe plantains are easier to find, but I will certainly do your version when I get to the Asian grocer next! Thanks for all you do!

  5. just wondering manjula ji how came you never use oninon in ur cooking? i like ur cooking i always looked up ur videos before cooking anything new. thkyou for ur videos

  6. Thank you, you are a great cook and teacher. I appreciate your videos. Can the plantain be boiled in a regular pot instead of pressure cooker?

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