Kadhi Pakoras Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, punjabi kadhi

View full recipe at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2008/05/07/kadhi-pakoras/ If you love Indian vegetarian cooking, check out my …


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  1. I've seen my mom use cinnamon sticks instead of bay leaves and she adds a couple of curry leaves but essentially the recipe is similar. This is UP style kadhi.. Not Punjabi style. I prefer this

  2. i tried the recipe it was very delicious but my kadi became very thick i guess i added toomuch besan other wise its tasted yummy 

  3. thank you soooooooo much just like my mom makes kadhi back home … now this video makes so esay for me to follow and make ….. please keep bringing more quick , easy delicious less time consuming dishes … esp i like to learn quick and jhat pat food as less time and i like home food ….. thanks you so much …. from…toronto…..

  4. at 7:37 you said that it is cooking since 10 hours but i think you were saying cooking since an hour and i have one more question why should salt not to be added while cooking???
    love u aunty delicious recipy

  5. Dear Aunty,

    I tried your Kadhi in my side. Its too much superrbbb taste. I really wanna to thanks you for this video and receipe. Thanks a alot and kindly upload more.


    Bobi Chatterjee
    R.B.International Exports & Traders Pvt.Ltd.

  6. I was eating some Kadhi Pakoda, and thought to look up a recipe online. Your video was the first result, and I must say; your recipe looks much much better than the packaged food. I have subscribed to your channel, and will try this myself soon! Thank you for the video.

  7. I saw a lot of videos to learn how to make Kadhi. My wife told me about your videos Manjula ji. And I settled for your recipe! I m going to try it now.

  8. @meenakshi2102 Leave that yogurt outside the fridge at room temperature for few hours and then make kadhi. You will get that tangy taste. or you can use buttermilk.

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