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  1. My boss brought this dessert to the office today and it was very tasty. That brought me here. Now I can make it for my friends as well 😉 Thanks for the video.

  2. oh sorry i did not knew, got confuse so both are different, no worry i made as per your recipe and it came out good, i tried many of recepie and all came out really good thank you for such quick reply.

  3. Hello Manjula Aunty, Kaju Katli when it is done it should be really hard? i had really rough texture is it right ? can we make smooth hw we get in market in any way?

  4. Hi majula ji i love ur recipes everyday i try one of ur recipe but i want to ask u a qeustion instead of water can u use milk pls reply me fast and have a nice day

  5. hi Aunty, i made them today. They came out quiet well but they are a bit in they break if not handled carefully. While eating i get a crunchy feel. I think I overheated the sugar syrup. Do you think that went wrong or did i put extra cashew powder? actually i switched off teh gas for 2mins after the sugar syrup was ready & realised that it started getting hard. Kindly advise.

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