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  1. I just made this and it was very delicious…rich and hearty. I live in a very high elevation, nearly 6.000 feet and I have to cook everything longer. I used my pressure cooker and ended up cooking them more than 45 minutes total. Any suggestions for getting them softer? I did soak them for about 10 hours.

  2. great recipe… I tried it today ,came out awesome.. I did add little chhole masala, garam masala and amchoor powder though…never thought the chana and gravy would taste this good without onions and garlic..

  3. Thanx Manjula for the only channa recipe tht does not use tomatoes.
    With each new video u seem to teach us so much. I admire ur passion and willingness to share your knowledge of cooking.

  4. Hi Aunty. Should we add more besan if we increase the quantity of chana? I added 3 tbsp in 1.5 cups of chana and it spoilt the taste. Earlier I had added 2 tbsp and it came out great. I mixed chana with the spices and besan before adding water. It smelt and tasted of besan

  5. Thank you for posting this recipe! I tried it and it came out amazingly! And I was so surprised that everyday ingredients I already had on hand could turn into something so unique and tasty. I would never have thought to use besan like that. Excellent! Thanks once again!

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