Kalmi Vada (Fried Lentil Patties) Recipe by Manjula, Exotic Indian Appetizers

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  1. Thank,you Manjula.
    I need a lot of nice simple recipes to help me learn and I thank you for showing us carefully so we may get good and tasty foods to keep us healthy too.

  2. manjula ji  i make kalmi vada too but instead of frying twice a take equal quantities of chana and moong dal and all the other masalas like your and mix fruit salt and steam it for 20 min in a cake tin then slice it and fry so i fry once and it comes out crispy too

  3. How about making the patties thinner, to avoid cutting them in half and fry them a second time? Or won't that work?

    Asafetida is hard to get in Norway, can you please suggest an alternative?

  4. im realy sorry i don't know what you were saying but i trying to under stand becouse that looked realy good ! and hope to make them !!! i just know they will be good ! thanks

  5. I made them a little bit differently.. first i put the patties in the oven for like 20 min(this way i make sure they don't fall apart) and then sliced them and fried them in the oil and they came out PEREFECTLY!! Thank you so much for the recipe, sooo delicious!!

  6. hello aunty,i just want to ask,can we also serve this vadas in the form of tikki,without frying them again by cutting into pieces,or will there be a change in taste after u cut and fry again,

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