Kele Ki Subji (Banana Curry) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. It would be hard for me to obtain some of the ingredients that you use for your recipes. Is there an online site that you can order spices and other dry ingredients from here in the U.S.? I am disabled and unable to drive of leave home much. Very challenging to cook also, but some things I would be able to do and want so much to make. This dish is one I really want to make! Thank you!

  2. Dear Manajula,
    Love this simple and yummy dish, will try with some friends this week and I'm sure they will love it,
    many thanks for your recipes
    jose, london

  3. For those of you having trouble finding the mango powder, if you have access to green mango you can make your own by dehydrating the mango and then grinding in a spice blender.

    I substituted 2 small green mangos instead of the mango powder and left out the water. Turned out splendidly.

  4. Manjula, thank you so much! We have banana trees around our house and most of the time we have too many bananas to deal with. We try to use as many as possible but many go bad. But now I have another wonderful recipe to use them in. I love it and it tastes soooooo good! Thank you!

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